19 || THE BATS

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"Get away you ugly fuck!"

DARKNESS AND REDNESS were all that Fiona could see. The girl had made it through the gate but couldn't see anyone.

"Steve! Eddie! Hello?" Fiona yelled, spinning around in circles. "Shit." She mumbled once she realised she hadn't gotten a response.

"Fi?" Three voices in the distance spoke causing the girl to spin in the direction too reveal Nancy, Robin and Eddie.

"Thank God, I thought I was lost." Fiona told them with a heavy sigh of relief. "Why do you guys have oars?" She questioned both Eddie and Nancy before she remembered why they were there.

"Shit, Steve!" Fiona yelled, hearing yelling coming from the distance causing the four to look at each other before running in the direction.

As the four made it closer, they saw a figure lying on the floor getting attacked.

Nancy ran forward and hit one of the creatures off of Steve, making it fly away. "Hey there." Nancy said, going to hit another one of the creatures which were on top of the boy.

Robin stomped on the one which had wrapped itself around the boy's neck as Eddie and Fiona watched as more came their way. "Shit." They both yelled in sync.

Eddie hit one with an oar just as Fiona made the creature fly back. "Get away you ugly fuck!" Fiona yelled as more kept coming.

The girl threw out her hand at one before closing her hand and turning it into a fist causing it to stop moving. Fi then threw her arm to her side making it fall to the ground.

"Come on!" Eddie yelled, using his oar to hit another one that cane at them, only for the oar to break in half. "Shit!" Fiona turned just in time to see one heading straight towards Nancy.

"Nancy, behind you!" Fi yelled, just as it attacked her back making Robin try and pull it off.

Fiona turned back around to face Eddie right as another one of those flying creatures was coming his way. "Eddie, watch out!" The girl pulled the Munson boy behind her and watched as the creature got slower and slower until it fell to the ground.

Another one came, heading towards Fiona this time. The girl watched it intently until it stopped moving a few inches away from her face. Fi ran up to the flying thing and grabbed it before ripping its head off and throwing it on the ground.

"Come on, son of a bitch!" Eddie yelled at one who had approached them. "I said come on! Let's go!" The creature flew straight into the end of Eddie's now broken oar and threw it onto the ground.

All attention went to Steve who was now on his feet and held a creature by its tail and was busy hitting it off the ground.

Steve yelled, he threw the creature onto the ground one last time before standing on its head and ripping the creature in half. Blood was dripping from the Harrington boy's mouth and he spat it onto the ground.

"Steve!" Nancy yelled, running over to the boy. Fiona stayed in her spot, her hands were on her knees and she was busy panting, trying to catch her breath from what just happened.

"Jesus Christ." Eddie yelled from beside Fi, "Jesus H. Christ!" The boy yelled louder, slamming his broken oar onto the ground.

"Jesus H. Christ indeed." Fiona mumbled now finally standing up straight. Nancy was busy checking Steve and Fiona wanted zero part in it as she watched the way they were looking at each other.

"Hey, Eddie." Fiona said, grabbing the boy's attention. "Wanna see a magic trick?" She asked, Eddie's brows furrowing in response. "O..kay?"

Fiona snapped her fingers causing her wet hair now to turn dry and the same with her clothes. "Think you could do that to me?" He asked, pulling at his wet clothes.

"Hm... let me think, no." Fiona shrugged with a smile making the boy groan with a small grin on his face. "What if I gave you a kiss on the cheek?" Eddie asked, Fi raising her brows at his response.

"Who said I wanted a kiss on the cheek from you?" She asked, folding her arms as the boy moved closer.

"Everyone wants a kiss on the cheek from me." The boy shrugged with a grin. "Seems like you want to kiss me on the cheek more than I want you to." Fiona spoke with a grin as she moved slowly towards him.

"Maybe I do." Eddie quietly spoke with a smirk, now looking slightly down at the girl. The pair didn't say anything for a few seconds until Fi nodded her head. "Deal."

Eddie was quick to kiss the girl on her cheek with a big smile. The boy pulled back and saw the big warm smile the girl held. Fiona snapped her fingers together making the boy's hair and clothes immediately dry.

The two didn't say any words and turned back around to the rest of the group before holding hands. Robin was shining her flashlight onto the bat that Steve had just killed.

"Do you guys think these bats have rabies?" Robin asked nervously. "What?" That was all Steve said, holding onto the wound on his side.

"It's just that rabies are, like, my number one greatest fear. And I think we should probably get you to a doctor soon because once the symptoms set in, it's too late. You're already dead." Robin rambled on, leaving the rest of the group speechless.

The disturbing sound of the creatures caught everyone's attention, turning their heads to the side they saw a group of bats flying around in the air heading straight towards them.

"Fucking hell." Fiona spoke before she got dragged by Eddie away from the bats. Fiona stood behind Steve who was putting his arm in front of her and watched as the bats landed on the red spot on the ground in front of them.

"All right. There's not that many." Steve quietly spoke, not wanting to be heard by the creatures. "We can take 'em. Right?"

The sound of more of the disgusting creatures was heard from the distance as more and more were seen. "You were saying?" Robin said, the whole group looking up in fear.

"The woods. Come on." Nancy spoke, running towards the woods which they were next to leaving the whole group following quickly behind.

The five were quick to approach the woods and Fiona made sure not to step on any of the vines which were crowding the floor.

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