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(Your POV)

You were changing into your dress because Alois is making you wear a dress."Father.....why?"You asked as if he was in the room."Would mother want you to do this."You said lightly putting your hand on your swollen cheek."Y/N."You heard a familiar voice say."M-Mother?"You said turning around."Your right."Your another said smiling.Her golden locks were flowing around her body as she was glowing."Don't cry Y/N,your father is trying his best to keep you safe."She said with her sweet voice."Mother...but."You started."Y/N,your father really loves you.When you were born you should have seen how happy he was."Your mother said smiling."Mama..."You said."Y/N apologize,please."She said smiling weakly."Okay mama."You said.You heard a knock on the door and your mother disappeared."Uh,Come in."You said softly.You saw Alois and Claude walk in and Claude was holding another dress."Here this is the maids outfit I want you to wear."Alois said giving it to you.The dress was blood red and had a white apron on it."Oh and you need this."Alois said setting down white socks and red heels."What the..."You said.

~time skip~

You were looking in the mirror and saw that the dress stopped about six inches above your knees and the socks stopped right below your knees."Lady Michaelis."Hannah said walking in the room."Hannah,can you do me a favor?"You asked softly."Yes."She said."Tell Claude I'm going."You said grabbing a coat and jumping out the window.You put it on and started waking to the Phantomhive manor.

~time skip,look I'm lazy~

It reached nightfall and it was raining.You finally came upon the Phantomhive manor and walked up to the door step knocking on the door."Yes...Y/N!"Your father said when he opened the door."F-Father....."You said looking down."Yes."He said looking at you curious."I-I'm sorry."You said looking up slightly."Y/N."Your father said pulling you into a hug."I knew you would find your way home.....that's why I'm proud to call you my daughter."He said kissing the top of your head."I love you papa."You said as tears rolled down your face."I love you too,pumpkin."He replied.No one else her a your father talk like that except you.

~Next morning.....

You were walking to Ciel's room and when you got there you saw he was still asleep and decided to jump on top of his body and kiss him.Ciel woke up to the kiss then eventually kissed back.You two pulled apart for air."Y/N where have you been?"He asked."Alois wanted me to stay at his house a couple days."You said kissing him again.

Ello peeps well you and your father are back together as the remaining Michaelis family,besides your uncle,well o hoped you enjoyed it!! :D

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