One Year Later

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One Year Later

Billie and Quentin cut the ribbon on BD Industries (formerly Dupree Industries), bought back to life when H-tech was brought to its knees by the loss of funds to Harrison's ex-wife who had very well-documented accounts of his infidelity including several ex-secretaries who had testified on her behalf.

Billie's innovative tech revolutionized the industry. She rolled out a prototype a few months after her return home from Paris. It was met with much fan-fair and launched her company into the Fortune 500. Ranking her personally among the top ten-woman billionaires in the States.

Quentin had even found uses for her tech, that could be modified for medical use, giving them an even broader clientele to sell their product to. 

Quentin had announced that he was no longer a Harrison and took his mum's maiden name as his own. So, Mr. and Mrs. Braxton were being called upon to make a quick exit or they would be late for a very important event neither of them wished to miss.

They pulled up in Billie's SUV and Carlos came out of the house to meet them. "Hey their gorgeous, pregnancy agrees with you, you know," Carlos said kissing Billie's cheek and rubbing her rounded belly. Billie swatted at his hand.

"No touchy," Billie said and Carlos laughed.

"Quentin, you know I am counting the days until you become a father, my friend. You will never get a full night's sleep again, and good luck getting any more sex with a kid wedged between you."

Elena swatted her husband. "The way you talk. Don't worry Quentin. He's far from celibate."

Quentin was nervous enough worrying over Billie, her health, and the baby's health. As much as he enjoyed sleeping and sex, his mind was elsewhere these days.

Elena had the birthday girl on her hip. "Madrina!" Isabelle cried and Elena set her free but not before warning her to be gentle. Isabelle hugged Billie's rounded belly and she place upon her stomach a kiss. "Hi baby!" she whispered. "I can't wait to play with you."

Billie stroked the little girl's hair. She missed the days she could catch Isabelle in her arm and lift her ease. Now she had to have help from Quentin to get in and out of a chair or the car.

William and Amelia got out of the backseat of the SUV carrying gifts. Elena eyed the presents suspiciously. What did you do? Did you buy out the toy story? You will spoil her rotten," she complained.

"There is no such thing," Amelia said giving Elena a kiss on the cheek and William asked, "Where is my favorite little peanut?"

"Abuelo! Abuelo!" Isabelle said jumping up and down. "Here I am," Isabelle said waving her hands in the air to get his attention.

"No, you can't be mi nieta. You're all grown up. Mi nieta is just a little girl," Billie's father said to Isabelle.

"I'm going to be four today," she announced proudly.

"You are?" he said with just the right amount of surprise to be rewarded with her giggle before he scooped her up and gave her hugs and kisses.

"I swear he does that on purpose just because he likes her calling him grandfather," Billie said.

"Can you blame him? Your father has become a much happier man since his retirement," Quentin observed.

"This is true, your mom too. They've been spending a lot of time together," Billie said observing her father putting Isabelle down to help Amelia with the presents and the way Amelia smiled up at him.

"No, I forbid it," Quentin said watching with Billie at his side.

"Why not? I think they'd make an adorable couple," Billie said innocently.

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