Chapter 1

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The view was amazing. Seeing all of the green grass and the blue sky with the whitest of clouds.


All of the beautiful flowers all bloomed with birds chirping and the sun shining.


I always liked the outside. It was so fascinating to me.


I was so startled by the shouting of my name. I turn around to see Kai standing there waiting for me to hear him. He smiled at me then walked up to me towards the window.

"Sorry." I said. "I did not know that you were there. I was off in my own little world." I was so embarrassed. "That's okay." Said Kai. "I know how you like to go of in your own little world."

"Are you okay? You seem a little sad." Stated Kai. "Oh... um... I'm alright."


"Oh... um... I'm alright."

I looked at Zane with a raised eyebrow and a worried look. "Are you sure you're alright. You hesitated a bit."

"Ya I'm sure."

"Hey hothead and Zane, time to eat. Get you butts out here." Zane and I both turn around to see that it was Jay. we should have known. "Come on Zane." We both left the room and headed towards the kitchen.


After Jay told my two students Kai and Zane to come and eat, we had to wait for a few minutes before they came out.

"Ahh, look who finally came out to eat." Said Cole, one of my students.

"Finally." Whispered Jay."

After that, I seen that Cole and Nya nudged Jay in the sides. "Hello Zane and Kai. Nice to see you came out to eat."

"You too Sensei." They both said in synch. As soon as they finished their sentence, they sat down. Kai sat in between Lloyd and I while Zane sat right beside Cole.


I always sat by Cole. I really liked him ever since we met when we became ninjas and just not in the best friend or brotherly type but in a very different way. I was afraid to say my feelings to him because I thought that he would not like me in that way and just hate me for it.

But I always loved how caring he was and how loyal he was to everybody. I also loved it when he smiles and when he laughs. It lights up my day.

I never really talked to anyone at dinner because I was thinking about Cole and how amazing he his.


I wanted to talk to Zane at dinner. but I didn't because it looked like he was thinking very hard about something, but I don't know what.

"Okay my students, we have to go to bed now. We have a long day tomorrow and we cannot be tired."

"Yes Sensei." All of us said at once. all of us went to our bedroom and got our pj's on. We were all in bed within five minutes.

All of us said goodnight to each other and then it was my turn to say goodnight to someone.

"Goodnight Zane."

After that Zane said, "goodnight everyone." In a matter of minutes all of us were fast asleep in our beds.

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