twenty six - louis

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twenty six — louis

            "I don't think we will figure out anything in the near future," Doctor Hobbs sighed, taking his glasses off, "The nature of this crime does not help me identify anything," he look at Eleanor's corpse — or, to be more specific, what was left from it.

            "Do you have at least any theories about what could have happened? I know there's absolutely no way to reverse things now, but just to catch the bastard — " Liam asked hopefully, sweat glistening his forehead.

            The doctor sighed again. Louis' hands tightened around Harry's waist protectively, "Well, as you can all see, the killer has violated the girl's body, both by vandalizing it and cutting the skin in uneven cuts. The cuts look like they belong to an inexperienced killer, if you ask me. Some are small, some are large," he motioned to the ones lined up across her thighs, "Most of the blood has been drained from her body, mostly due to this impressive cut across her neck. Now, as far as the crime scene, I have never seen anything like this similar," the doctor continued, "The girl, from what you've told me, was hung from the ceiling and so her blood is the liquid that's filled this bathtub..."

            A wave of nausea erupted from Louis' throat, but he managed to keep his mouth shut. He felt something soft against his shoulder. Harry had turned his body and curled it against Louis', pushing his face into his armpit, hiding. The man searched for anything that could have provoked this behavior when he saw the doctor examining Eleanor's decapitated head. "Don't look, poppet."

            The doctor's fingers worked through the leather gloves, pushing the skin and stretching the cuts, "There seem to be two identical small marks on her throat — "

            "Birthmarks," Niall spoke up. The doctor's eyes averted to him, inquiringly, "She had the two same birthmarks on her neck."

            The doctor nodded, accepting Niall's explanation, and Louis did too. After all, the Irishman knew her better than Louis. He watched as Niall crossed his arms in front of his chest and Angie laced her arm through his, holding him close — he decided to concentrate on keeping his baby doll calm and collected.

            "If you're suggesting that the killer has killed the last three victims in a similar way — "

            "I don't think it is fair to continue saying that there is only one killer; there could be multiple ones." Angie said, raising her eyebrows.

            "It isn't fair to whom, Miss Angie?" the doctor asked, almost amused.


            "There is no way that the killer is not the same in all three cases," Zayn said, rubbing his beard. His hair was getting longer now, touching the bottoms of his ears, "He has used the same methods to butcher all victims in a similar way."

            "You'd know about it," Angie snickered under her breath, "You Ottomans are beasts, total savages."

            "Only in bed, darling," he winked at her, making the skin of her neck flush.

            Louis heard Harry snarl quietly as he pushed his face closer to Louis' chest, "Hey, hey," Louis whispered, "What's wrong?"

            "Out." Harry simply said, then hid his face in Louis' neck again. Louis looked around, soon meeting Liam, who gave him an understanding look and a small smile. Once the two boys got out of the restrooms, Louis grabbed his hand and led him upstairs, where the main area was.

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