Chapter 3~♥

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I think everyone will agree that weekends fly by so fast.  Before I knew it, I was walking up the cobble steps of Roseview High with Lor and Mason.  I pushed open the heavy, majestic doors and we were face to face with three, wide and short hallways.  The one to my nearer left lead up to the office, where the sounds of teachers’ last-minute worksheets were quickly printing.  The one in front of us led to the freshman and junior lockers (building 1A), which was filled with slamming of newly painted lockers and yelling.  Finally, the one to the very right lead to a medium-sized courtyard.  If you kept straight on walking going right, you’ll enter another building, which were the lockers of the juniors and seniors (building 2B).  Instead of boisterous noises, it was usually quiet.  This was because most juniors and seniors were congregating in the huge cafeteria, or in the library. 

            I separated from my friends, heading toward my locker.  Once I reached it, I put in my locker combo and fully opened it.  I grabbed my History and Science book and jammed them inside my black Jansport.  Slamming it shut, I almost knocked my forehead with Lor.

            “You’re such a ninja,” I said, turning off my cell phone.  Mason closed his own locker and strode toward us.

Lor grinned.  “You got that right.  Hey, don’t you need to go over to the office and meet Alex?”

            I had almost forgotten.  “Crap, you’re right.”

            She laughed.  “You’re welcome.”

            Mason glanced up briefly at me from his iPod, giving me a coy look.  “Have fun.”

            I smacked him with my binder.  He just smirked.

            “See y’all later,” I muttered.  Yes, I wasn’t really looking forward into meeting this Alex James.  I pivoted and started walking away.

            “Toodles!” Lor yelled.

            I put my arm up and waved, walking toward the office, not looking back.

            Once I went back inside the main building, I sighed.  During the weekend, Mom confirmed that she had been dating Xander for more than two weeks now.  I felt a little hurt at first, but it was replaced with a genuine happiness towards her.  It’s been literally forever since she had a certain liking towards men.  I admit that it would be hard to start dating men after a tough, messy divorce, especially since my ex-dad Will cheated on Mom with an 18-year old.  Ridiculous.  But, Xander seemed pretty trustworthy, since I met him Sunday night.  He was pretty charming.  With his warm, chocolate eyes and his poetic demeanor, I gave Mom’s choice a thumbs-up.

            Christina was still fidgety about it, as usual.

            Slightly dazed by my thoughts, I opened the metal doorknob to the office.  Kendra, the sugar-sweet secretary, was talking on the phone, hurriedly writing something down on a yellow sticky note.  Her whole desk was literally bombarded with multi-colored stickys.  Ironically, she was very on schedule.

            Kendra hung up and her chick, rectangular glasses met my eyes.  “Hello Evalynn,” her buttery voice said, hinting loads of friendliness.  “How may I help you?”

            “I need to see Alex James?” I shifted my backpack.  “Principal Fields assigned me to introduce him to the school, etcetera.”

            Kendra nearly jumped out of her leather, rolling chair.  “Oh! That’s right.  He’s inside the principal’s office.”  She nodded her petite head to the room across her, to the left.

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