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Lin Juexiao is not humble, his driving skills are really at the level of just getting his driver's license, the speed is always maintained at the minimum speed limit, and he stops when he sees a red light across the distance.

He opened his palms and started sweating uncontrollably.

Lin Juexiao didn't dare to tell Zhou Jinye that this was the first time he drove out by himself. Usually, the co-pilot would always sit in the old driver of his father, and he was not so nervous when driving.

He took time to glance at Zhou Jinye.

The boy looked very calm, his brows did not wrinkle because of Lin Juexiao's fast and slow speed, the earphones on his ears had been taken off, and he was looking down at his phone.

Lin Juexiao admired his unmoving appearance.

The house he rented was not far from the high-speed rail station, and the car was what his father used after changing the car. This was the reason why Lin Juexiao dared to drive here.

The car stopped steadily downstairs in the apartment. Lin Juexiao was relieved at this time. He happily unbuckled his seat belt and felt that his driving skills were not bad

. The thunderstorm has stopped long ago. The terrain of this land is high, the puddles cannot hold water, the ground is still wet, but the smell of soil after the rain is obvious on the small flower bed next to it.

Lin Juexiao wanted to help Zhou Jinye with the suitcase, but Zhou Jinye escaped. Zhou Jinye pulled the lever out of the suitcase: "I can lift it."

Lin Juexiao asked, "There is no elevator in this apartment. On the fifth floor, don't you really need my help?"

He had just graduated and had no money. This apartment was already picked out by Lin Juexiao after looking around, except for the lack of an elevator, there were no other shortcomings.

Two rooms and one living room, near where he works, not far from the subway station, almost fifteen months, Lin Juexiao is already very satisfied.

Zhou Jinye raised his head, moved the SLR bag to the side of his body and said, "No, I can do it myself."

Lin Juexiao said, "If you can't, remember to tell me, don't be embarrassed."

Zhou Jinye wrinkled his nose, maintaining the stubbornness typical of young people: "I won't do it."

"Okay." Lin Juexiao was amused again, he really thought it was interesting that Zhou Jinye was stubborn, he held back Laughing, "I know you've exercised well."

Zhou Jinye didn't speak again, but his ears were a little red.

The apartment is an old apartment, and the walls have become a little mottled, but the corridor is clean.

In order to take care of Zhou Jinye who was carrying a suitcase, Lin Juexiao deliberately slowed down his pace, and looked back from time to time to see if Zhou Jinye needed help.

But it wasn't until he climbed to the fifth floor that Lin Juexiao was convinced that Zhou Jinye really didn't need help.

Lin Juexiao didn't take anything, and when he climbed the fifth floor, he was still in a hurry. Zhou Jinye, who was following behind him, didn't catch his breath, but the collar of his clothes was soaked with sweat.

Lin Juexiao muttered in his heart again - the young man's body is really good now.

He was about to open the door with the door key, and suddenly remembered something. He turned around and asked, "Did your brother tell you that there are many pets in my house?"

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