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And now all of his clothes are discarded, And my lingerie one piece is on the floor as well

"Oh cazzo bello sei così stretto " He grunts out as he moves in and out of me, My walls clenching onto him and holding on for dear life

(Translation : Fuck beautiful your so tight )

I blush at his words, The sound of skin slapping skin is heard throughout his bedroom

He leans down and connects our lips, I keep up with his pace

He continues moving in and out of me, My nails scratch his back digging into his pores as he moves at a gentle but fast pace

Moving his lips down my neck, He trails kisses sucking and biting as he goes and his face reaches between my breasts

"I need you on all fours love, I won't just go all night with you in one position

I need you in all " He says lifting me from the bed his muscles flexing at the action

I admire his body as well, All covered in tattoos and his muscles bulging showing he could knock a man out with just one punch

Holding myself up with my hands and knees, He doesn't take long and push himself back inside of me

"Fanculo " He whispers with a grunt

Shaking his arm around my lower stomach, His hand rubbing my clit as his other hand holds wraps around my now free hair

And forming it in his tattooed fist, His arm muscles flexing as he continues his fast and wild thrusts

My breast bouncing as his lower half connects with my butt

Eyes rolling in the back of my head, "Fanculo tesoro, ti senti benissimo " His Italian is so sexy to me as he throws his head back in pleasure

His hair is sticking to the top of his forehead, My eyes roll in the back of my head as the pleasure takes over my body ten fold

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