Chapter 28

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Leighanna joined Megan and I as I took the wood off of the door. Megan tossed the sword over to me so I could check to see if it was safe outside. I walked out of the door. looked left, then twice. and repeated it three times. "Okay its all safe!" I yelled back into the house. Megan, Leighanna, Kian and Francesca came out of the door. "Okay, me, Leighanna and Megan will go this way." I said whilst pointing in the direction of the hospital. "And you two will go the other way." I said. We started to head off in opposite directions, whilst Tom secured the door again. "We're here!" I said. I pulled out my sword and started to kill some zombies. "This is where Sinead lost her leg." Leighanna pointed out. I cleared out as many zombies as I could. We went inside as I carried on killing. "In there! That's where they keep all of the medical equipment!" I shouted. Everyone ran inside to the room. I got a chair and rammed it under the door handle so nothing could get in. As soon as we got in a started to do tests. "We need one of the zombies," I said scared. "Not today. Look!" It was Francesca and Kian running from the zombies. I climbed out of the window as it was the only way out, leaving everything where it was. I got my sword out and carried on running. "No!" I heard shouting. I sped up. Francesca was running but Kian was laying on the floor being eaten alive by the walking creatures that still remained a mystery to me. "Francesca! Over here!" I shouted. she ran towards me. I went to try and save Kian. "Its to late! They took a chunk out of him already!" Francesca shouted. We ran as fast as we could in the direction of the house. "Tom!" I shouted "Tom open up!" I yelled. I heard the bed being moved and the wood being ripped off of the wall. he opened the door and everyone ran in. I picked up the nails and the hammer whilst Sara picked up the wood. I hammered it back in place. Megan and Tom pushed the bed up against it. I sat down to gain my breath back. "Leighanna what the hell is that?" I asked. "It's a fake leg I found at the hospital, I got it for Sinead." Leighanna replied. "Oh my gosh! Thank you so much!" Sinead said as she began to put on her fake leg. It took a few tries before she could get use to it. It could also do with a clean, but we have better things to worry about!

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