Disconnected: Killer Controller 🎮

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The controller flew across the room and made contact with the wall.

"Piece of shit" yelled Tommy, sitting at his desk in the corner. ELIMINATED flashed across the computer screen as his teammate laughed in his headphones. "What the fuck was that?" Nate asked

"My controller disconnected again! I need a new one"

"From the sounds of it you've smashed it to pieces"

Tommy looked over to the spot where the controller landed, it doesn't have a scratch on it. "I can't even break it properly"

He bent down to pick it up and notices the large dent it made it made not only in the wall but also the floor, 'weird' he thought as he walked over and threw it in the bin. "I'm going offline, I'll be back in a few" Tommy said before powering down his console.

As he began to walk away his console suddenly turned on, Tommy turned around confused. He walked back and turned it off again, but just as it had done before, the console tuned on when he was halfway across the room.

He searched under his desk and behind the monitor but couldn't find the remote, he looked in the bin and was shocked to find his controller lit up as if powered.

It had no cable attached so how was it powered?

Tommy carefully bent down and slowly pulled it out, he turned it over in his hands a few times. "What the hell?"

He reached for the latch at the back of the controller and slowly opened it, but there was no batteries in it.

The controller surged with electricity and sent waves of power up his arms. Shocked (literally) he dropped the controller and made a run for the door.

He pulled with all his strength but the door refused to open, he tried with all his effort, blood slowly dripped from his hands and the metal door handle was drowned in blood.

Like a whip, the controller cable wrapped it self around Tommys neck and dragged him away, he turned around to see the controller floating in mid air. The air charged with electricity, his hair stood on ends.

The cable pulled upwards and started to suffocate him, Tommy grabbed wildly at the cable trying to loosen its grip but it continued to pull upwards and lifted him off his feet. Pulled by an unseen force.

As the cable went higher the more panicked Tommy became, as the cable wrapped around the light in his ceiling he tried to call for help but his vision became blurred.

His eyes turned blood shot as his lungs burned for oxygen but every time he tried to breath, nothing.

Slowly his vision turned black as the last thing he saw before his life faded away was the controller floating.

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