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Three Years ago: New York, Age 13

"Anna, you need to head to the principal's office." says my teacher. A look of pity crosses her face for a second then he is back to his normal mean self. I hear students whisper throughout the whole classroom and the teacher yells at them to be quiet. I have never been sent to the principals office. That is probably the reason they are whispering about me. I slowly make my way to the office, my heavy book bag weighing me down. My long auburn hair is set in a high pony tail to keep out of my face. The school turns up the heat so it is roasting. I don't want to go to the office. I have this really bad feeling about it and I just can't shake it. I come to the door and pause before I open it. I wonder what lays behind that door as I open it wide. The receptionist motions for me to go in right away. She is very young actually, new this year. She is really pretty, but isn't the nicest. I walk towards the principal's office and can just feel the sadness in the air, I just know it revolves around me. When I get inside I see three chairs. Two of the three seats happen to be occupied. In one of the chairs it is a young women with jet black hair with bangs and she is wearing a black skirt and blazer with a white blouse underneath. She also has black stilettos on. Her skin is really fair and the blackness of her outfit sticks out against it. The other seat holds a man that seems to be her complete opposite. He has very tan skin and blond hair. The woman's eyes are blue and the man's are very dark brown. It almost seems as if they have each others eyes. They are both strikingly beautiful, it's almost hard to look away. They both look very professional with their suit, straight posture and warm smiles. I am intimidated by them actually. I walk over slowly and take a seat in the open chair. I set my bag beside me. The principal looks over at me and I wonder what is happening.

"Anna, this is really hard to say. I wish I didn't have to be the one to tell you this. your parents died today. They got into a car accident. Your parents made sure that if anything happened to them, you would go to their very close friends. Those are the people sitting next to you. Their names are Emily and Robert. You will have to move schools, so if you would like to say goodbye to your friends, I could call them down." this is how she ends her rant. I'm not really processing what is happening. I just stand up and say goodbye to the principal. I follow my new "parents" outside. Right in front of the school there is a shiny limo. They get in first and I follow them.

"Anna, on our way to the airport, we are going to tell you what really happened to your parents." says Emily.

"What do you mean?" I ask.

"Your parents didn't die in a car accident." she says.

"Well, how did they die then?" I ask shocked.

"They were killed on a mission." says Robert.

"A mission?" I asked confused.

"Yes, a mission." Emily says.

"Your parents were spies." Explains Robert.

"You guys have to be joking." I say.

"We aren't, and now we have to take you to our training center." says Robert.

"Why do I have to go there?"

"We need to train you to be a spy to take your parents place." Emily says.

"This can't be happening to me. When the even go on missions." I ask.

"They usually went at night or when you were in school." says Emily.

"Well, why do you need me?" I ask.

"It was your parents wish. They saw potential in you and they have taught you little things. We think that you will do just fine in our training." says Robert. I don't say anything to that. This is when it kicks in that i'm leaving my life behind. I think about how my parents won't be able to comfort me any longer. They are dead. I cry silently as we drive to the airport and think about how i'm leaving my old life behind.

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