"To give Monoma your decision." Bakugou answers for him, his voice rough with sleep. So much for that...

"Yeah..." You reply, trailing off. But this feels so good. It's hard to want to leave when they're so close to you. It's warm and safe. "Can we stay like this? Just a little longer? We'll be back outside once I'm done here, and I just want to be with you both right now." You try not to whine but it's difficult when all you want is to stay wrapped up in their arms forever.

"Might be sooner if he throws us out on our asses." Bakugou scoffs, laying his head against your breasts, his arms tightening around you. Despite his warning, he doesn't want to leave this bed either. You roll your eyes at him and run your fingers through his hair. He is probably right though. You aren't sure what Monoma will do when he hears your answer.

With life being as tumultuous as it is, who knows when would be the next you'd get to do something like this. Afterall, you are on your way to find Midoriya, who has a plan to fix things. 'Fix' might not be the best word to use considering the state of it all. The dead still walk the streets of the city. The people that are still alive are left to scavenge for themselves or must become a part of a group like Monoma's. Though it seems like Monoma's group is one of the ones better off than others.

You shake that memory from surfacing and sigh. "Alright. Let's get this over with."

․° ☣ °․

"I already told you, the information I want is personal." Monoma looks as frustrated as you feel. You had been going round and round in circles with him since revealing that you would not be allowing him to copy your quirk. Extending the favor of letting you use it to find the information he needed isn't going as well as you had hoped.

"And I'm telling you that it's my quirk. I know how to get the information the quickest and least painful way. My quirk isn't easy to use. I can't just read minds and magically get the exact information I need." You explain exasperatedly. Your hands are thrown in the air as you try to explain. "It's like... It's like looking for a book in a library. I have to find the right section and then the book. It's not instantaneous."

Monoma actually pauses as he considers your words. With his finger on his chin, he contemplates for a moment before responding. "I guess I didn't think about it like that. Still, I don't know how I am supposed to trust the three of you with this." He gestures to you, Kirishima, and Bakugou.

You exhale sharply through your nose. You had had enough. There is only one way you can see around this and that is if Monoma shares his secret with you and only you. "What if you just tell me?"

Bakugou jumps up from his chair, looking at you like you had grown a second head. "What?! Y/N–"

"No." You said firmly. You can see his jaw clench as he studies you, trying to figure out what you were doing. And you already know what he is thinking. This is dangerous. What if it's something that can get you killed? But you had to do this. Monoma was doing this for a reason, and if it has something to do with the Hero Commission, you need to know, too. No more secrets. You took Bakugou's hand and said softly, "I can do this. Please, let me handle it."

Bakugou looks deep into your eyes before giving a barely discernible nod. Kirishima puts a hand on your knee reassuringly. They both are going to support you in doing this it seems so you look back to Monoma who meanwhile had been considering your offer.

With a heavy sigh, he slapped his hands on the table. "Okay. Fine! I'll tell you. And only you." He points at Bakugou and Kirishima as he says, "I don't care what kind of threeway relationship you have with Thing 1 and Thing 2. This stays between us."

"You have my word Monoma." You give the boys a small jerk of your chin to let them know you can handle it alone. Bakguou clenches his fists but does as you ask. Kirishima gives you a look, one that you know well, before he turns to follow Bakugou out of the room. Stay safe, he had said.

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