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A/N: TW // violence, gore, non-con mind reading

|◁ II ▷|

Would you mind if I hurt you?
Understand that I need to
Wish that I had other choices
Than to harm the one I love

What have you done now?

I know I'd better stop trying
You know that there's no denying
I won't show mercy on you now

1:35 ───ㅇ───── 3:47

Day 69 - 9:42 AM

Music - Track 9 - What Have You Done - Within Temptation

You awaken tangled up in familiar limbs. You've laid half of your upper body onto Kirishima's large chest as the gentle giant snoozes on his back, his hand on top of yours that lays on his chest. Bakugou lays on his side, pressed into your back with his arms wrapped around your waist and his nose nuzzled into the crook of your neck. Kirishima's long red hair tickles your cheeks, and you squeeze your eyes closed before begrudgingly opening them.

Last night, Kirishima ended up taking you back to the locker room and helping you clean up (again). When you returned back to your shared room, Bakugou had water and a granola bar set out for you and had pulled the covers back on the bed so you could climb in immediately and receive the rest of your aftercare. You are definitely sore after last night's escapades, but you don't mind it. It means that you are alive in a world that has danger awaiting around every corner. It's also a reminder that you are loved by the two men who you are comfortably squeezed in between right now.

As much as you would like to bask in this small moment of contentment, Monoma's request is heavy on your mind. You've already decided you are not allowing him to copy your quirk, even if the effects are only temporary as Bakugou and Kirishima explained to you last night while getting ready for bed. Something about Monoma set off little alarm bells in your head. You weren't sure if it was general distrust or just the fact that he was hiding his intentions for using your quirk against whoever was being brought here to his base.

However, you are willing to hear Monoma out on what he wants to know and pull the information from the person's mind as gently as possible. It isn't what Monoma had wanted, but you don't really give a shit about what he wants. This quirk is yours, and you don't plan on sharing it.

When the boys had asked you what your thoughts were last night, you said you wanted to help, but didn't want to let Monoma copy your quirk. Kirishima and Bakugou both agreed to uphold whatever decision you made, and that they would make sure Monoma respected it. Laying in the bed between them right now, knowing that they always have your back no matter what filled your heart with warmth despite the feeling of unease that had settled into your bones.

As if sensing your restlessness, Kirishima and Bakugou begin to stir, both stretching and yawning before snuggling deeper into you. Bakugou pulls you closer against him, huffing softly into your ear. You slowly turn in his arms to face him only for him to pull your soft body flush against him, your arms forced to wrap around his shoulders with nowhere else to go. You smile and run your fingers through his fluffy hair. "G'morning." You say softly.

Bakugou mumbles something unintelligible in response, and you feel Kirishima roll over onto his side, slinging an arm over your waist and Bakugou's before replying with his own sleepy voice. "Morning, sweetheart." It reminds you so much of mornings at the cabin after the confessions: wrapped up in each other, sleepy kisses, comfortably warmed by two human furnaces. You hope you can go back to that soon.

"You ready?" Kirishima asks, nuzzling into your neck and breathing in your scent.

"Hmm?" You know what he's asking, but you didn't want to break the spell over the three of you together in the bed yet.

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