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Okay, This isn't a story this is an annoucment about ALL my stories

I don't want to have to do this, but I have too....

'Break My Heart and I'll Break Your Car' will be, the last of the stories I have started now...that will be finished. I know, Some of you are like 'WTF, Kaylin' <-- That's my real name, if you didn't know.

Here's my explanation, I feel as if I'm not writing for myself anymore. I feel like it's all for you guys, which it is, I mean I wouldn't have all the fans I have now if it wasn't for you guys, but I can't keep up. School is bombarding me, I'm failing almost three classes and it's becoming too much.

I want to write my stories because, I want too, because the ideas in my head are over flooding and It brings a smile to my face, and excitment in my fingers just clicking on the word proccessing little icon but now, when I do I stare at my computer for a whole five minutes before anything hits me. More then once, I've wanted to just cancel this account, and start a new one. With a brand new start, but that would be unfair to you guys.

I can't get any of my thoughts down, and it's starting to be more of a job, then a hobbie.

So this is my plan, I will finish Break my heart, because it's almost done anyway... and, Where's a reset button when you need one, will be erased, disappeared...and I will write a good length epilogue about where everyone is and what happened, and it will be added to bikini boy.

Every other story, that I started and didn't finish will be erased and only the ones I have finished will be left on my thing.

I'm so sorry, I have to do this. I completely understand if you want to de-fan that's fine with me...and you can write all the hate things you want on this...go ahead I deserve but I have to do this for me.

I WILL NOT STOP WRITING. Stories will be uploaded, just new stories all together.               Completely new.

I just have too much on my plate, so again I hope you guys understand but if you don't...I don't know what to do...If you guys have any suggestions give them to me down there, if any of you would like to take any ofmy stories and make them your own, ask me, and if I give you permission           GO AHEAD. :)