The cool autum breeze brushed past me sending shivers through my body. I stared at the deep blue sea mesmerized by its beauty and a calm feeling overwhelmed me I would miss this view. After our pack started getting attacked on a daily basis my dad, the alpha, thought it wise to move locations. And it was then I decided my hatred towards rouges.

I'd lived here all my life this was the place I was raised, this was home for me! But now I would have to leave the one place that I'd never dreamt of leaving, well until I met my mate of course. Being the alphas daughter many of the men in my pack had tried to impress my parents and tried to show they were worthy of being the mate of the alphas daughter, but I would always refuse. I was saving myself for my mate and my mate only -

'' Nicole! Were leaving now and dad wants you back at the pack house now '' My little sister emily called out interrupting me from my mess of thoughts. 

'' Coming'' I called back dejectedly 

Although Emily was only one year younger than me making her 16 she was still treated as the baby of the family.

Emily was basically a replica of me with curly golden locks and stunning blue eyes, not to be seem vain or conceited but we were a sight thanks to our italian genes.

Deciding it was time to make it back to the pack house in fear of being left I shifted into my honey brown wolf and started my treck home if you hadn't figured it out already I am a wolf a very big one at that, for a  female wolf anyways but thats due to my alpha blood.

Finally I skidded to halt infront of our very familliar pack house the walls were made of pure white brick with a white balcony on each of the 7 levels of the pack house my mum being a big fan of gardening had planted red tulips next to the front porch and had shaped the bushes pefectly square.

Running behind a bush I shifted back into human form quickly putting on a pair of denim ripped jeans and a  cute white crop top hastily bending down to put on some gladiator sandles and rushing inside the house wide-eyed and alarmed at how empty it was frightened at the thought that they'd left without me.

'' Nicole your here! Everyone's outside getting ready to leave all the furniture has been moved already!''

I nodded stiffly eyeing my mother carefully she truly was a stunner her honey brown curls were hauled up in a bun with a few loose strands here hazel eyes twinkling with excitement, you'd think she'd be upset to leave the place that we'd called home for the last  seven years of our life but no she seemed happier than ever.

'' Wheres my porsche?'' I asked after awhile still feeling slightly sad that I'd have to leave

'' In the back honey,'' She paused for a second looking at me thoughtfully 

'' Why do you seem so upset Nic'' She continued using the nickname that everybody has been using for me for most of my life 

'' Aren't you upset in the slightest were leaving?'' I murmmered silently I mean I know everyone was really excited about moving especially Emily and mum but I mean I was raised here this was were it all started for me. 

'' Well honey of course I am but you cant stay in one place forever you have to move on in life! '' She responded 

'' I think we should leave now then '' I replied suddenly feeling much better 

'' Indeed we should'' She giggled looping her arm in my own as we walked out 

My mum had never properly acted her age she always had that kind of youth feel like I could talk to her about all of my problems whether it be boys, which it never usually was, or just friendship issues she was always there.

Unhooking my arm from hers I kissed her cheek and made my way to my pure white porsche 911  only to find leaning against my car was my best friend Alexis; she had a full set of ginger hair and dark brown chocolate eyes which always seemed as if they could see right through you Alexis was the betas daughter and me being the alphas daughter everyone knew from a young age that we were destined to be best friends.

'' NIC! Oh my god, it feels like I haven't seen you in ages!'' She practically yelled giving me a hug and ushering me into the car at the sounds of all the other pack cars starting.

Jumping into the passenger seat she began rambling away and at the speed she was going at I didn't have a clue what she was talking at so I quickly started up the car and began following the black range rover that belonged to our third in commands mate I could just make out the figure of my mum and Alexis' mum blabbering away in the back seat. 

'' You haven't been listening to a word I've been saying have you?'' Alexis' asked raising one eyebrow in question with a firm frown set on her face

'' Uhm no '' I said cautiously earning me a glare from Alexis 

'' I said that apparently the alpha of our neighbouring pack is rumoured to be extremely hot'' The excitement clear in her voice

'' Really'' I responded thoughtfully

'' Hell to the yeah! Only problem is he has a mate'' 

'' Oh''  I murmmered slightly disappointed

I yearned to meet my mate so the thought of any unmated wolf did attract me but not as much as Alexis she's been preparing to meet her mate since the age of eleven! But even still I couldn't blame her the bond of two mates is said to be un breakable although some found a way around it and rejected their mates, but only a douche would do that. 

The rest of the ride went by smoothly with Alexis blabbering away about new clothes and shopping for school. School being another thing I wasn't excited about but I can't lie and say I wasn't excited about shopping, how can you not be excited about shopping! 

This whole moving house thing might be alright after all I mean nothing stays the same forever.


Hey guys! So thats the first chapter of this book, yes its a werewolf story but I do hope not to make it to cliche. There are alot of excited things to come so vote, comment and fan and I'll see you all when I update! 

Nicole to the side as Canidce Swanepoel

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