Chapter Thirty-Two - Sick

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Chapter Thirty-Two — Sick

I want you so bad it's driving me mad.

-The Beatles

I was really excited about having Chris and Emily over this weekend since Donna and Mark were away. But imagine my dismay when I had to cancel on them. Canada really, really sucked. I don't think I've ever had such a horrible cold in my life. I was too hot under the blankets, and too cold without them. My nose was running. My cough was going to be the death of me. And don't even get me started on my sore throat. I'd been lying in bed all day, too lazy to leave to even get food. I just wanted this stupid sickness to end.

When I couldn't take it anymore and knew I needed medication, I left my room. Donna kept all the medication in a cabinet in the kitchen. I would also be able to get tea for my throat. Every time I swallowed it felt like little needles were poking my oesophagus. I slipped into a pair of moccasins I only wore at home and trotted into the hallway.

I climbed down the stairs slowly, groaning from the effort it took. I was tired, dreary and light headed. I headed towards the kitchen and cringed when I passed by the family room. I'd completely forgotten Ashton would have friends over. I was so sheltered in my cornucopia of disease I'd totally missed the sound of their ruckus. Luckily, Ash had only invited a few friends and they were just playing video games.

"Hey, Sam!" Rick spotted me. He looked over my form and quickly averted his gaze to my eyes.

Oh my God. I wasn't wearing a bra. I quickly crossed my arms to cover my chest. I was in a loose white V-neck and grey sweat shorts. "Hey, Rick." I said quickly and all but sprinted into the kitchen before the other guys could say anything to me. I really didn't have the energy to talk or breathe for that matter. Nor did I want them to see me dressed in nearly nothing.

I entered the kitchen and paled when I realized Roman, Ty and Jake were in there. Rome was lounging on the island, a beer in hand, looking at his friends who were sitting at the kitchen table, nursing their own bottles of beer. Why was everybody here!? Ugh couldn't they have all just gone out?

Roman stopped talking when he noticed me. He frowned the moment his eyes fell on my figure. "Did you just walk into the family room wearing that?"

"I didn't realize anyone was home." Could he give me a break?

"You didn't hear all the noise?" He hopped down and stood in front of me.

"No." I groaned, turning away from him so I could get meds from the top cabinet.

"What's wrong?" Rome was behind me as I reached to open the door.

"I'm sick." I said. "Isn't it obvious?"

He pulled my hand away from the cabinet and walked me to a kitchen chair. He pushed me onto it gently. Before I could protest, his palm was on my forehead. "Shit! Sam, you have a fever."

"That's why I need medication." I retorted.

"Jake, turn on the kettle." Roman ordered as he marched back to the medicine cabinet and pulled out an orange box that said Motrin on it. Jake stood and heeded Roman's directions. I met eyes with Ty who was shooting me a sympathetic look. Roman filled a glass with water and kneeled in front of me. "Here." He handed me a tablet along with the water.

I took it from him and swallowed without protest. I was too exhausted for that.

"How long have you felt sick?" Rome asked.

"Last night and all of today." I admitted.

"You haven't come downstairs since you woke up?" Was he mad? "So you skipped breakfast, lunch and dinner?"

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