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- 1 hour later -
Narrator's P.O.V
After successfully managing to hide everything and rearrange the living room, kitchen, bathroom and Taeyung's bedroom like how they all were before, Yn came outside and bowed before raising her head up and saying;

"You may come in now.. and I am truly sorry for the wait."

"You better be."

Taehyung's Mother in Law grumbled as she made her way inside with her husband following her.


Yn thought as she quickly closed the font door and locked it... only to hear her phone start to ring the second she steps inside.

Hearing that it was her phone, Yn quickly got it out of her pocket and tried to hide a smile as she said;

"It's Mr. Kim-"

"Pass him to me."

Taehyung's Father in Law said in a cold tone and with horror in her eyes, Yn also realized other things ar that moment.. she had never changed Taehyung's contact name on her phone:
"Mr Kim" changed to: "Honey 💛"


And quickly thinking of what to do, Yn ignored the old man as she answered the call her own by saying;

"Mr. Kim, what a surprise. I wasn't expecting to hear from you until lunch time. Is there something that you need?"

- With Taehyung in his office, confused asf -

Taehyung's P.O.V
After Yn said that, I was left feeling confused yet worried as I cleared my throat and quietly said;

"Love.. why are you talking that way? I mean unless the President of South Korea stepped into our home.. you have nothing to be nervous about-"

"Yes, you're In Law's are here. They came a bit earlier then you had scheduled them too."

Yn said with an immense amount of worry in her voice and also a bit of fear, hearing that side of her made my eyes narrow as I quickly said;

"I'll be over right now after I leave Taeyung with my Hyungs, don't say another word until I get there Love. I'll be home in 10 minutes."

And with that, I hung up and prayed that my In Law's weren't in my house for the reason that I suspect that they're there for..

After explaining everything to my Hyungs, I was about to leave when Taeyung said;

"I want to go too!"

"Absolutely not. You're staying here-"

"But Appa-"

"No Taeyung, you're staying here with your Uncle's while I go and get Eomma and bring her here, okay?"

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