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A wedding can proceed even though there's an objection from someone.

So the objection is basically useless? Then what's the point of having objections?

You look at your side and an unfamiliar face is next to you. Completely in his black suit, bow tie and sleek hair. Believe this, if he's saying what he said just now to any other girls, they probably object to their own wedding.

But you? Hell nah!

The man of your life is in front of you? And you don't know who this guy really is!

"Wh-who are you—" You can't even complete your question as the stranger suddenly grabbed your wrist and dragged you down from your spot.

Cameras' flashes are flashing, people are confused, the priest is stunned by the sudden call off and the groom? Just as stunned as the priest and everyone else.

You try to pull your hands away from his grip but ... you can't.

With his strength, in which you can't compete, you're dragged by him to the big hall door. Leaving all behind, as you glance to the back at your supposed to be husband before the door closes.


"Awww!!" You say it out loud and the man automatically stops. He turns his back and looks at you. "Let me go!" You shout as he finally lets your hands go.

You're thinking of going back and maybe announcing to everyone that it was a stunt! You, as an actress, do some stunts for the wedding. To make the wedding a bit more memorable?

Can that be it?

And when you're about to go back, suddenly you feel like your body is being lifted up and plop! You're on top of this man's shoulder. Now you're like a sack of potatoes carried by a handsome man.

And he walks ...


"What are you doing?!! Let me go!!" You literally punch his back with your so-called 'Strong' fists but he doesn't bother with it.

"Stop!! Put me down you stranger!!" You keep on punching his back until you realise that you're out in public with people staring at you.

Can you imagine? A woman in her wedding dress being carried by a man in a suit outside the wedding hall.

Not a bad sight though but it'll be a bit weird. Can be interpreted as 1) they're so excited to go home and do what married couples do to the point the man carried his wife or 2) the man kidnapped this bride from a wedding.

But as a simple thinker, like me .. I'd say I don't really care about what I'm seeing as long as I'm not involved in their love triangle.

And you, as an actress, people know you! You can hear some people whispering your names and you just know that they're wondering why the country's famous actress is in her wedding dress and on top of someone's shoulder.

"Put me down—" He suddenly puts you down on top of the car boot and corners you right there and then.

Woah ...

Way too close!

"Let me go—"
"I just did." He answers.

"I mean, let me go—"
"I can't." And for what reason?

"I don't know you—"
"But I know you."

Of course he knows, you're a popular actress?! People know you for sure. "Let me go!" You push him and instead of him being pushed, you're literally dropping yourself on top of him.

You're holding his shoulders and he's holding your waist. No! This can't be it.

"I can't." As he grabs your body and pushes you in this car. You want to get out of the car and when you're already holding the door lock, he's on the driver's seat, pulling you in.

"No can't do." He says as he pulls the seatbelt on for you before drifting away.


Your mom runs to the groom, your fiancé, your supposed to be husband with your dad by her side. "What just happened?!"

Your fiancé literally shakes his head with his eyes a bit bigger than usual. "I don't know either." And soon your manager comes into the scene.

"Yoongi!" Your mom shouts at him when he's just next to her, standing still. "What the hell just happened?"

Yoongi wishes he knows about it, even for 1% but he doesn't know anything. "I have no clue."

Your mom is giving him a look. "There's no way you don't know about it. "You're her manager, her best buddy. There's no way you don't know anything."

Yoongi shakes his head a lot denying that statement. "I really don't know anything. Seriously!"

"Did she mention another man beside me?" Your fiancé asks. "No. I've been with her most of the time and never once she's with someone else. She's all over you."

Of course, he's also an actor and not just you are all over him but most females in the country are all over him.

He's Cha Eunwoo. Who wouldn't?

"Then? Who is that man?"


"I don't know you, please let me go. I'm about to marry the man of my life." You beg as you're trying to unlock the door but fail miserably.

"I can't let you go."
"I don't even know you."

"But I do."
"But I don't. Let me go! You're ruining my supposed to be the happiest day ever. I'm about to marry my love, my everything, my life—"

"He's not your life. At all. This is not your happiest day, it's your worst day ever. I helped you out with it."

What is he talking about? He's crazy! "What—How could you even know?" And he stops the car when the traffic light turns red.

He immediately turns his body to your side and says ... "Cause I'm from your future."

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