Nightmare Comfort Series: Shigaraki Tomura

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Pairing: Shigaraki X gn!Reader

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Pairing: Shigaraki X gn!Reader

Summary: Shigaraki comforts you after a nightmare.

Contains: SFW Fluff, Roommate Trope, [minor] Cursing

Word Count: 1023

Author's Note: Taking new character requests for this series and the original Nightmare Comfort series on tumblr.

Warning: mention of previous night terrors [no specifics], and you mighttttt wanna read the reverse oneshot first 'cause it's kind of a continuation-ish.

Warning:  mention of previous night terrors [no specifics], and you mighttttt  wanna read the reverse oneshot first 'cause it's kind of a  continuation-ish

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Ba-bump Ba-bump Ba-bump.


You tossed and turned, the sheets tangled around your legs. You cried as you tried over and over again to wake yourself up. This had to be a bad dream. It just had to be. You'd give anything to open your eyes right now...

And that's when you felt it. It was like someone was pulling you free of the nightmare's grip. Like breaking free of an ocean's surface after losing your breath beneath the waves. You gasped for air and sweat rolled down your temples. As you went to wipe a hand across your face, you realized your wrist felt... heavy?

You looked down to find a gloved hand gently grasping your wrist. Your eyes traveled up the owner of the hand's arm until your eyes met crimson ones. With a start, Shigaraki dropped your wrist, backing away from your bed. He must not have realized you had woken up.

"Shig? Are you okay?" You asked, sitting up in bed swiftly. He had never come into your room before. Ever. Something must have been wrong, you thought.

"You always ask me that. I should be asking you if you're okay." His eyes trained onto the floor as he rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly.

"And why would you do that?" You asked quietly. He had never seemed all that concerned about your well being before, but if you were being honest with yourself, it did feel like he was starting to warm up to you. In his own way.

The first time he showed even a small amount of worry for you was when he decided to start wearing gloves to sleep after you had come into his room during a particularly bad night terror. And then there was the night he allowed you to stay with him after another bad night of nightmares that would have him screaming in his sleep. Maybe, just maybe, you were starting to chip away at that incredibly high wall he had built around himself.

"You were... you were crying in your sleep. I heard you and I... I came to check on you." He said without looking at you still, scuffing his socked foot against the concrete floor as if the tiny crack there was the most interesting thing in the world. You sat up straighter at his words.

"What?" You touched your cheeks and sure enough they were wet. "Oh..."

You felt a twinge of shame. This was probably how Shigaraki felt every time he awoke to find you beside him after a nightmare. The last thing you wanted was to bother him with this. He had it way worse? Right? "M'sorry for waking you. You can go back to bed now. I'm alright." You looked away from him, your cheeks burning as you pulled the sheets from around your legs from where you sat. You tried to straighten them out so you could try to go back to sleep, though you doubted you would after this.

"No." The word was so forceful that it stopped you in your tracks. This was the Shigaraki you were used to during the daytime.

"What?" You asked, flicking your eyes up to look at him. He had moved closer to you while you had been arranging your sheets.

"I mean– Damnit." He raked his fingers through his messy, light blue hair, trying to find the words he wanted to say. When his eyes fixated on you, it made your cheeks burn even hotter. "I mean I want to return the favor from the other night when you– you know." He jerked his thumb next door towards his room.

"You... You wanna stay with me?" You couldn't quite believe it, but he gave a curt nod of his head in response. "O-Okay. Well, um." You stood up and tried to properly fix the bed covers so he would have somewhere to sit. Unfortunately, being the newest member to the League meant you didn't have much furniture in your room, so if he was going to stay, he'd have to sit on your bed.

You fumbled around, trying to pull the fitted sheet corners back in their place. A few curses slipped past your lips as you got frustrated. With a smirk you almost didn't catch, he walked around you to the opposite side of your bed and helped you fix the fitted sheet.

You blew out a puff of air and began to fix the top covers. "Thanks."

He didn't say anything more, just watched you finish fixing the bed. Once you were done, he sat on the end of the bed facing towards you, just like you had the last time you had been in his room. You crawled back into your spot, pulling the covers over your lap.

A silence fell over the two of you. Maybe it was a little awkward, but you didn't mind. It was nice that he came to check on you. Maybe a little more than just nice, but you weren't ready to think about that yet.

He cleared his throat as you picked at the stray threads in the quilt over your lap. When you looked up to give him your attention, you found him picking at the threads on his end as well. It made you smile a little. "So, uh." He began then whispered a swear under his breath. "Fuck. I'm no good at this."

You scooted down the bed until you were in front of him, but he hadn't lifted his eyes from the quilt threads. As gently as you could, you put a hand over his gloved one, stalling his movements. His eyes went straight to your hand over his, but he didn't pull away much to your surprise.

With a small smile, you encouraged him. "You're doing fine. Thank you for staying with me." Slowly his eyes met yours before he nodded just once. The silence didn't feel quite so awkward anymore. Maybe, just maybe, while you were working on chipping away at his walls, he was also chipping away at them on the other side for you.

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