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a/n omfg i am so excited for this. yes, this is my new account. i felt my old account needed a break from new stories and ect. anyway i won't keep you waiting that long. love you guys, and please let me know what you think about this

[ o n e ]
"Lucas Hemmings, I fucking swear to god if you have taken my good bra I will not hesitate to shove a cactus down your throat!" I growled, my footsteps representing thunder in my mind as I made my way down the stairs towards the lounge room. My breasts peaking up under my my cute pink work dress. As I turned around the corner I found Luke sitting on the couch with a smug look and my black push up bra. My anger went straight to confusion looking at the site in front of me. Luke had made what seemed to be a slingshot. "What the actual fuck Luke?" His face made him seem determined. Determined to do what?

"The remote won't work." He replied casually, using my bra/his slingshot to hit the channel button with marbles. I let out a groan.
Typical Luke, too lazy to get up and change the channel or batteries of the remote, but can easily go searching for a bra. He is going to break the television or at least put a hole in the wall.

"Seriously. Any other day I would back out and let you do your questionable things, but it's Friday and I need my bra." I sighed, Luke raised an eyebrow.

"No Chey, it's Thursday," Luke corrected furrowing his eyebrows together, attempting to change channels again with my bra but completely missing, "because yesterday was Wednesday." I shook my head in frustration, as Luke tried yet again to change channels. I worry about him sometimes.

"No Luke, you spent all Thursday sleeping and it's Friday. Which means Michael will be coming in with his friends, which also means that I need my bra." I argued pulling open a draw and taking four AA batteries to throw at Luke before snatching my black bra and taking off back up the stairs to my room, leaving Luke in a daze.

Luke is my twin brother and has been like that all his life. Never aware of what is actually going on around him. I swear when mum gave birth I took the brains, and Luke got everything else. Seriously though, it's a miracle he passed year eleven, but then again who needs to pass school when every person possessing an 'X' chromosome wants to jump on your dick, also the supporting fact that you the lead vocalist in a locally uprising band.

I pushed open the door to Freddy's, the door bell ringing through out the shop. A 60's vibe filled the air. The place looked like something along the lines of a cafe you'd find in the movie Greese.

"Chey, finally. What took you so long?" A rich red headed girl sighed at me as I walked around the counter, placing my bag underneath. She was pouting into a mirror, whilst reapplying a rich red to her perfect lips. Her large blue eyes highlighted with mascara and eyeliner. Pippa Skye, my one and only true friend.

"It's actually really funny, but I'll save it for later." I smiled taking the little white apron and wrapping it around my work dress. I checked my appearance in the mirror, fixing myself up before the Friday night rush hours. My shoulder length blond hair was untamed and fly away, the thick black frames from my glasses making my green eyes look abnormally big and sweat was beading down the sides of my freckled face. "Pip, I'm a wreck." I freaked, quickly reaching through my bag for my contacts. Not only was the most popular guy in school planning to be here tonight, I looked like I just just ran a marathon. Yuck, exercise.

"Babe, you look fine and cute." Pip smiled putting down her mirror and walking towards me. I may look 'fine and cute', but she looked hot and fierce. It is always quite intimidating when your best friend is a solid twelve out of ten, and you sit at a six on a good day. She had the figure aswell, the shape of an hourglass. I on the other hand had the shape of a stick, I was sitting in between an A&B cup and had to wear belts if I don't want my jeans around my ankles.

My glasses now replaced for contacts, Pip sat me down on a stool behind the cash register, putting a pale pink lip gloss on me. She was the fashionable one in our friendship. "Bub, I'm leaving your hair as it is because it gives this edgy feel." I just nodded my head going with whatever she said, even if I disagreed with it completely. You never argue with a girl who is part Latina.

No matter how well I dressed my butt, Pip would always look better. I wasn't made to be someone who attracts people, I was made to be someone who does their school work and falls in love with fictional characters. So it's only right that the hottest guy in school is coming into Freddy's Ice-Cream, the place my extremely attractive best friend and I, the not so extremely attractive friend, work. It's not like we've been crushing on him since seventh grade or anything.

After Pips touch ups, I began cleaning the booths, tables and counter, singing along to Sex by The 1975. I was too caught up in cleaning and singing to realise the ringing of the door bells or the multiple footsteps. Only did I notice we had customers until I heard a voice speak up, making me jump.

"Sweet sounds love." A smirk was planted on a gorgeous face, one that was tanned and gifted with a perfect jawline and chocolate eyes. Black hair quiffed. He was wearing black jeans with a tear in one knee, with a white V neck shirt. "How about we go out back and we can see this song in action." He winked. And he's an egotistical jackarse. What a waste.

"Cal, leave the poor girl alone." A deep voice groaned, Michael. I stood still in shock. Michael walked straight past without even glancing in my direction before heading towards the furthest booth away, a group of six boys followed him. Michael was flawless with his gorgeous green eyes, purple hair and eye brow piercing. 'Cal' looked me up and down one last time, I pushed past him, bumping his shoulder into mine purposely in the process.

"Filthy peasant." I growled at him, stomping towards the counter. Although I was quickly stopped by a hand on my shoulder, and a breath that tickled my ear.

"Princess." He breathed, the hot air from his mouth brushed against my neck. Goosebumps were forming all over my skin. My cheeks flushing red with embarrassment. My jaw had gone tensed in the movement.

He was gone from my side nearly as quick as he came.

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