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Hey guys!! Thank you all for giving my book a chance it really means a lot :-) And am so happy to share my work with you. My name is ShanayJones. I won't be long so please read this before reading the stories. Thank you loves❤️🤗

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Please vote, share and comment as you read this book. It would mean the world if you do:-). I'd like to know what your thinking Don't forget to show some love.❤️


Please feel free to nominate me in any awards you find fit.

Characters and POV's

Characters were made from the (author's imagination) that's me. The point of views are shared between both main characters. Please don't hate on the book if you don't like a specific character.

Warning ⚠️

This book contains strong language, sexual scenes, deaths, and gang-related activities. If you don't like those things or it can cause triggering for you I suggest you don't go further in reading this book.

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Rights to this book

This book is owned by me (the author). For your own good, I advise that you that you Do not copy this book. I hold All rights to this book so don't. It's hard enough to put your all into something only for someone to steal it.

And if you find my book been copied on Wattpad or another website please send me the link thank you !!:)

That's all thank you. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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