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One day, I hope you find the courage to change your life. Through the small things, and big things, and in everything that matters.

You'll still have bad days, weeks, even months. But you have to understand that happiness comes in waves and there has never been an ocean entirely frozen.

I hope you don't finish your story with a bunch of regret and spend your years waiting for your life to begin while the clock ticks away.
And I hope you realise that life is a one-time thing, it's not a practice run or a preview from the outside world.

Life is one big leap of faith. And if you want to make the most of it. Leap.

"Here" he said, his fingertips slicing at the pale paper as it rested in front of her.
Her eyes falling over the printed ticket that was her one-way home.

Her head tilting up as her light eyes connect with the dampened eyes of Ward, his posture straight as she watched the veins dance down his neck as one by one, they popped.

In the background the figure of Rafe loomed over the desk, as his arms held his body up right which his head hung low.
Her eyes following down his body to the two pistols that were placed on the desk beside him.

The pistol that rested between her fingertips as she pulled the trigger.

She could remember the exact feeling that spread through her palm once her fingers squeezed the metal causing the friction to rustle.

She remembers the feeling of the anger that swam through her lungs, giving her a second atmosphere to breathe in.

The feeling of light tears that began to cluster in her eyes, and the feeling of her lip trembling so slightly as she used her teeth to pierce the flesh.

Her eyes becoming ever so bloodshot as she realised, she was never going to get what she wanted, no matter how far she jumped for it.

Her fingers grasping at the paper beneath her hand as she picked up the small ticket holding tightly onto it.

The feeling of her legs growing weaker and weaker as her mind began to fuzz over in her delusion state, but she walked closer to the door which would take her home.

The door that stood right in front of her before a shadow froze her in her steps.

With his figure that looked down at her, making her shiver on point.

Yet his hands went up to her shoulders giving her a small act of comfort. But she shook him off, falling back into her steps as she grew closer and closer to the hall that held home.

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