Chapter 8. Two Different People.

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I stood there looking into the eyes of my enemy. The eyes of evil. His name caused my stomach to turn and my anger to boil. He was the devils child.

“Jeremy Collins” He said letting my name roll of his tongue as a smile crept its way to the surface of his face.

“Luke what are you doing here?” I hear Keith say as he made way to my side. I could see a number of Luke’s friends turning up behind him standing their ground. I knew Luke wouldn’t come alone.

“Keith, how nice too finally see you again” He replied ignoring Keith’s question.

“Luke I asked you a question, so I suggest you answer it or get the hell out of here before I call the cops” Keith warned talking a step forward, which caused a couple of Luke’s friends too as well.

“Oh yes, here for some unfinished business” He said smiling. Even his smile was evil.

“How did you get out of prison?” I asked.

“I have my ways” He said shrugging his shoulders.

“Bribing the law again I see” I snapped.

“Jeremy you were always the smart one, the thinker, never the person to do anything though” He replied stepping forward.

“Don’t speak like you know me” I roared stepping forward.

“Jeremy stop it, he’s not worth it” I heard Angel say behind me as her hand gripped mine to pull me back.

“Oh so the cutie speaks” Luke said turning his attention to Angel.

“Don’t you dear even look at her” I said stepping in front of her so he couldn’t see her.

“Why Jeremy? Why so protective of your Step-Sister?” He replied chuckling. How the hell did he know she was my step sister?

“Dude she’s your Step-Sister?” I heard Keith say behind me.

“I’ll talk to you about it later, how did you know that Luke?” I asked stepping up to him so we were 5 centimetre’s away. I watched out of the corner of my eye at how the men around him stepped forward. Like he was their god or something.

“Boy’s stand down, it’s alright, now Jeremy your question, I have my ways” He replied. I really wanted to hit him and make him unconscious.

“You have always been a rat” I spat.

“I just came here too give you guys a little warning, I will be out of jail in 2 months’ time unfortunately due to the court date being moved but when I get out I will kill both of you boys and anyone who stands in my way, then I will take your little girl here and keep her as my own” He said with the biggest grin on his face. I lost my temper and went to swing.

“I wouldn’t do that if I was you, I will shoot” I heard someone say to my right. I looked over and seen a police officer. What the fuck?

“Yes just a warning Jeremy, but I must be going now, see you in 2 months’ time boys” He said before backing away.

“We can’t wait for the fight” Keith snapped.

“Yes, because it will be you who dies Luke” I said dryly, there was no way we were dying.

“Your forgetting there is a cop here” He replied back.

“And your forgetting you’re not even supposed to be here” I snapped back.

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