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It was like 12 am and everyone was already awake but Ethan, he was still snoring.
I looked over at Jaden who still hugged me, but as he noticed he gave me a warm smile and kissed my forehead.

"Good morning love"
"Morning" i said still sleepy.
"Sleep well?"
"No, Ethan's snoring is literally the worst." I giggled.
"Ethan stop snoring!" Jaden screamed.

With that Ethan jumped up.
Everyone laughed except for Jaden and Ethan.

"And that was for?" Ethan asked.
"My girl" Jaden answered.

That's when butterflies filled my stomach.
Finally, I'm his girl.
No worries, Ava is not gonna steal him from me, even if he somehow falls in love with her.
If I need to, I'll kill her.

"So, what are we gonna do?" Maddie asked
"The pool?" Javon suggested
"okay, and after we can go for a walk" Jayla suggested.
"I'm down" Jaden said
"Same here" Ethan said
"Okie dokie"

So, we all got ready for the pool.
Me, Jayla and Maddie wore Partnerlook.
Soon everyone was downstairs.

"Let's go"

We got into the pool and splashed around while playing 'never have I ever'.

I saw Ethan staring at me sometimes and Jaden sending him death stares.

As I caught Ethan staring at me I saw that Jaden was about to flip.

"Mhm" jaden hummed
"Don't, he's not with it" I said
"You're mine, okay" he said
He then kissed my cheek to make Ethan jealous.

We still had our fun. We even almost forgot Jaylas suggestion with the walk. But we also decided to 'Picknick'.

Again we gut dressed as we walked out of the house. It was already 8pm and the cold wind gave me chills.
It was pretty cold and I was only wearing some shorts and a shirt.


He really thought of everything.
He packed his hoddie into one of the bags.

"Aren't you freezing?" Javon asked
"Actually I am" I answered.
"Wait a sec." Jaden said as he ran off to Jayla.
"Weird." Javon said

Me and Javon were talking as Jaden came back.

"There you go" he gave me his hoddie.
"I literally love you!" I kissed his cheek
"Ouch." Javon said laughing
"Why?" I asked confused
"Jadens look"
"Aww, I love you no matter what. What I meant was I love you even more because you care a lot" I tried to explain
"It's okay, love you too!" Jaden said smiling again
"Gross.." Javon said as he walked off.
"Get yourself a girlfriend" Jaden called after him.

We picknicked and went back home.
I was tired and I guess Jaden noticed.

"You okay?" Jaden asked.
"Mhm, just tired" I said as I yawned.
"Want a piggyback?"
"Of course"

-back home

Everyone went  back home, except for me.
I took a shower and crawled into Jadens bed.
I didn't even notice how he later next to me.
Thanks when I drifted off to sleep.


I feel better now so here you go a chapter!

It's pretty short tho.
I try to update more often.

Thank you so so much for 100k reads!!

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