Chapter 27

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I looked at Leighanna in shock. "I over heard you when you were sleeping. Your a sleep talker!" Leighanna replied. I removed the knife from her neck, however I was still filled with anger. "I will let you live, if you tell the others that you know how to cure this infection." Leighanna said slowly walking towards me. I looked at her. "I don't 'know' how to cure it, I might be able to and the word 'might' is the reason I haven't told anyone." I whispered back to her. The door slowly opened. It was Megan. "You know how to cure this and you haven't said anything?" she asked. "I said I 'Might!' know!" I raised my voice. "Shh! you'll wake the others." Megan whispered. "Look if you don't tell anyone about this, us three can work on getting in to the hospital that we went in and I can try to find a way of curing it. Its not for certain, but its worth a try right?" I asked. They nodded back. "Great, in the morning we can say were searching for food and we will go straight to the hospital. we'll get another group to get food as well so that we actually have some when we come back. Got it?" I said. "Sure!" Megan said whilst leaving. "Look, Leighanna. You never answered my question!" I said whilst closing the door. "What is your game?" I asked. "Nothing, I'm just having a weird faze where I can't do things, I just need a nice long sleep, that's all. I promise that I will never do anything like it again." She replied. "Well this is your last chance. and I wont forget it. Next time you do something, I will personally kill you!" I said whilst leaving the room. I went in to my room to find Kian on one side of the bed, I took the pillow form next to him and put it near his feet. I got under the covers and fell asleep. I couldn't sleep thinking about what a long time I would have to spend trying to find this cure. eventually I slowly closed my eyes and as soon as I knew it, it was the morning. I went downstairs to see everyone at the tabled next to a candle light since there was no light coming in. "Okay guys, me, Leighanna and Megan are going to go out today to find some more food. Kian and Francesca can you go as well in a different direction?" I asked. "Yeah sure!" Francesca replied. I looked at Megan as she got up. "Lets go!" She said...

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