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Prompt: Michael and Luke are watching The walking Dead and Luke has a bad dream. Enjoy :)

'That was one of the best Walking Dead episodes I have ever watched!' yelled Luke, jumping up and dancing around.

Mikey laughed and stood up to join him. 'See I TOLD you we had to watch it. Shame you couldnt wait til Sunday though...'

Luke pouted. 'Heyyyy I know we usually watch them on a Sunday but I couldn't wait! And im glad I didn't 'cos that was amazing! Just the Prison being over run by walkers and then Rick had to cut Hershal's leg off and just...WOW!'

Luke jumped into Mikey's arms, knocking him backwards onto the sofa. Mikey groaned and Luke just giggled and wrapped his arms round Mikey's neck.

Mikey nuzzled his nose into Luke's hair, which had its usual smell of apple shampoo which he loved.

'You glad I made you start watching it then?' Mikey teased, poking Luke's sides and he squirmed, giggling loudly.

'Hell yeah I am!' Luke yelled and pulled away so he was sitting on Mikey's lap.

This wasnt at all awkward for the two boys. They were very close and were barely ever not touching.

Mikey pulled a face like a fish and Luke put his finger in the little dimple that appeared.

'Dimple!' he shrieked, laughing manically and Mikey pushed him off his lap onto the sofa next to him.

'Lukeyyy, I hate it when you do that!' the older boy whined.

'I know, thats why I did it!' Luke shrieked again, burying his face in a red, fluffy cushion.

'Mikey! Your hair is the cushion!' Luke snickered.

Mikey shook his head, smiling fondly, and got up, walking towards the stairs, yawning as he did so.

'Im off to bed Lukey, I'lol see you later. Oh and - try to stay off the additives,' he added and Luke responded with a 'Night Mikey,' before getting himself a bottle of water from the fridge and practically collapsing as soon as his head hit the fluffy pillow on his double bed.


Luke was running away from walkers. Calum was running with him, and Ashton was in front carrying Mikey over his shoulder. Luke was crying, many wet tears reappearing in his eyes.

A walker appeared in front of them and Calum hit it with a cricket bat, and then suddenly Mikey was on Luke's lap in a prison cell.

Ash and Calum weren't around anymore. No walkers were around either. It was just him and Mikey.
Mikey was bleeding and he grabbed Lukes face which was wet with tears, fresh ones burning in his eyes.

' safe...i l-love...i love...' Then he went quiet. He was dead. Luke cried and screamed loudly.


Luke woke up shuddering. He was crying and sweating and screaming and he couldn't stop screaming Mikey's name.

'Mikey...No MIKEY!' Luke yelled, sitting up in bed and clutching at his hair, tearing out little chunks.

The dream had seemed so real that Luke thought it could have been. Tears eacaped his eyea and he wiped them away frantically.

Suddenly Luke heard a thumping and a figure ran into his room. It had got Mikey and now it was coming for him. Luke shrieked in terror and jumped off his bed and ran to the opposite wall to get away from it.

Luke turned the light on as the switch was right by his side and immediately put his hands up to defend himself.

'Lu-Luke..?' someone gasped.

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