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She kisses down my body after I've orgasmed for the fifth time that morning. When she returns her mouth between my open legs, I know I need to calm it down. "Unless you want to get caught, we better stop."

Alana comes up with a smile. "Not our best moment, huh?"

We're in an alcove. Yes, like an actual alcove on a beach in the middle of roughly nowhere with Adonis and Hernando about fifty feet away. The beach is practically deserted so that's a positive but I know this alcove has some echo to it. Trust me, I moaned louder than I thought possible and heard it come back to me in full.

"Morally, no, not at all."

"I couldn't help myself, you looked damn good." She says with a giggle.

We're both in bikinis, mine a deep emerald green, and hers a sapphire red, and covered in sand practically head to toe. My hair is a messy curly cloud and hers are softer curls that somehow make her look like a goddess. Even with sand on her face and my cum on her face. I wiped it away and her eyes sparkled like gems.

"I could say the same about you, you're lucky I didn't just fuck you on the beach."

"We've got time." Alana whispers.

"Do you want sand everywhere?" I ask as I rub my hands over her ass and pull her flush against me.

"It's already everywhere."

"You're right about that." I chuckle as she brushes sand off my nose.

"What should we do next?" I murmur.

"Maybe we should go to one of the islands."

"I think that's a perfect plan, but first," I kiss her cheeks before going to the spot just under her jaw. "Let me return the favor."

"We don't have to," she says breathlessly, already.

"If you don't want to, we don't have to." I smile, "You did quite the workout down there."

Alana laughs, "I love you, Ches."

"And I you, Angel." I kiss her and she and I melt into each other for a moment.

"Boss, we have a situation." Adonis mumbles awkwardly.

I break away from Alana and that's when I heard her. "Francesca!"

"Tell her I died." I hiss out.

"Who is that?" Alana questions in confusion.

"No one." I say as I try not to freak out but I'm nervous. "Tell her I died."

"Boss, she knows you didn't die."

"The whole mafia world is supposed to think I'm still in my coma, that's why we came in the first place."

"If you don't go out there, she'll come in here."

"Who is it?" Alana asks Adonis and his eyes flit to me.

"Do not answer that."

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