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It all happened six years ago. I was just 15 that time when my parents were killed in a battle against All For One.

Couldn't process what just happened, I almost killed myself. But an acquaintance of my mom stopped me.

Since he was the No. 1 Hero, he managed to convince UA to give me some time off from school so I can put my mind at ease.

And so, I chose to go to China with the intention to put my mind at ease by honing my Kung Fu knowledge.

That's where I met her. The little girl who actually treated the deep wound in my heart.

6 Years Ago
A market in China
Kirizaya POV

I was eating a meat bun while walking around the market.

Me*thought*: Huh, it's been so long since I came here.

Since it was about time for me to check into my hotel, I decided to leave the market.

But just as I thought, before I could leave the place, someone grabbed my shirt from behind and brought me into an alley before slamming my body to a wall.

There was 5 men surrounding me and all of them were holding weapons.

Me*thought*: Thugs, huh? Not surprised.

Me:*pushes one of them away* Fuck off. As much as I want it, I don't want to hurt you guys.

Man 1:*grabs me* Huh, what was that, brat?

Man 2: You know what we want. Give us all of your money and we'll leave you alone.

I took something out from my pocket and showed it to them.

Me: For your information, I am a hero in training. I have this provisional license that allows me to act when there are crimes occur in front of my eyes. And also, this license has been improvised by China Public Safety Commission, meaning that I can take action even though I'm from foreign country.

One of them then raised his weapon.

Men 3: Do you really think we care about that?!

I dodged his attack.

Me: No, of course not.

I lighted up a fire on my right leg and launched a kick to the guy, sending hiim to the floor, unconscious.

Me: The only reason I showed you guys my license is simply to tell you that I won't hesitate to resort to violence if you pick a fight with me.

The fire on my leg then gone.

Man 4: You brat!

I quickly ripped off my white eyepatch, revealing my red left eye.

He launched a barrage of attacks but I dodged all of it with no problem at all.

(A/N): People that have read my other book should know what's happening here, but since some of you haven't read it, I'll just tell ya here. When he actiavates his Red Eyes, he's able to see a little bit into future, but it will drain his life energy.

One of them tried to make a sneak attack but since I've seen it, I ducked down, letting the guy in front of me to hit his friend.

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