Father Mallery of The Force

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Japan: 1961

"We're all going to die." Father Jacob Mallery thought to himself. While the other priests were chanting off every Vatican approved anti-demon prayer they knew, the more practical priest began to recite the Last Rites for himself and his companions.

This team of five had been sent by the Vatican to "try and do something" about the Hyakki yagyō, the night parade of one hundred demons. Someone high up had gotten it into their head that if the Church could stop one instance of it that "Soon everyone there will abandon their heathen gods and come to us once they see we're the true way and power." What a fool that man was. What a fool they all were for listening to him.

Father Mallery had never been so terrified in his life. Not as a child when his mother would go into one of her drunken rages. Not as a newly ordained priest assigned as chaplain in a M*A*S*H* unit in Korea, not even when he faced down his very first werewolf back in 1954, and somehow not only survived, but managed to take the werewolf down. Which is how he ended up on The Force.

What a stupid name, he had always thought, to only be called The Force. Secret Vatican controlled groups needed better sounding names than that.

But now was not the time to bemoan their group's name. Now was the time to die. None of their prayers worked, the Holy Water that they had sprinkled the parade route with did not burn the feet of these monsters. Nor did the blessed objects that had been placed along the sides of the parade route done anything.

A few people besides the priests had been lured outside by their own deadly curiosity and now were dead. Slaughtered. And the priests could not find the strength to move themselves to the safety of the indoors. The priest closed his eyes, still reciting the Last Rites, as the parade drew closer.

Then he felt himself grabbed around the middle by a single strong arm and moved at a great rate of speed. If this was death it was with far less pain than he imagined.

He realized it wasn't death the moment he felt his feet, suddenly unshod, touch the floor. He opened his eyes to find himself and another of his group standing in the middle of a nearby home of one of the village families. A moment later two more and then finally their leader joined them. The startled family staring at them.

"WHAT ARE YOU IDIOTS DOING?!" A woman's voice rang out.

The woman in question was short, fat, and blonde, dressed in men's clothing - and her eyes were currently burning with the fires of Hell and she had fangs.

Father Boian Lupu began spouting something in his native Romanian as he began to brandish the crucifix at the end of his rosary at the woman. The only word Father Mallery understood was "vampir" - which he understood more because one was standing before them all, yelling at them as if they were misbehaving toddlers being scolded by their English nanny.

"Oh put that away!" The vampire snapped at Father Lupu, touching the crucifix with her index finger. "It doesn't work on me. Now," she turned to the group's leader, Father Gregorio Udinese, "why didn't you listen to me when I told you this was a bloody stupid idea?!"

The other two priests (What were their names again? Father Mallery found suddenly he couldn't recall them. They had joined the team in the village only a few hours before, making the team of three into a team of five.) were taking out stakes only to be yelled at by Father Udinese to put them away. They began to protest, of course, along with Father Lupu.

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