3. Fighting

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I was currently yelling at my boyfriend of two years, Sam Wilkinson. A fan made a fake picture of me kissing another guy. I couldn't understand why he was getting mad, because the picture was obviously photoshopped.
"Well, now i know who really has my back, my fans. They sent this to me saying you cheated. How could you do this? What did I do to deserve this? I think we should break up. I mean, what else am I supposed to do. I lost all trust in you." Sam harshly spat out.
I was heart broken by his words.
" Sam, babe, don't be like this. Whoever photoshopped that is probably a jealous fan that doesn't like me. Please, just don't throw two amazing years down the drain over an obviously fake photo." I spoke quietly with tears streaming down my cheeks.
" How am I supposed to know the picture is fake Y\N? " Sam quickly and nervously said.
" Baby, I would never cheat on you. After everything we have been through. I'm hurt because you actually think I would do something like this." I said not knowing I was speaking everything I was feeling.
" Y/N, ok. I believe you. " he said putting his plump lips on mine.
The soft kiss soon turned into a heated make-out session. We both had hickeys all over our bodies, except the places where we needed each other most.
I pulled down his shorts, along with his boxers, to see this huge member slap up against the bottom of his belly. I swirled my tongue around his swollen red tip. I licked off the pre-cum and then began deepthroating him. He grabbed my hair and began moving my head at the pace he desired. He bucked his hips up, which made me gag. I moaned, which sent vibrations through his body. He soon cummed in my mouth and I swallowed every drop. " Mmmmmm, baby. You taste so good." I sexilly whispered.
"Your turn princess." Sammy said while quickly flipping us over and pulling down my soaken wet thong.
He began vigorously licking my slit.
"Mmhmm, sammy don't stop." I moaned.
I didnt feel the warmth of his tongue in me anymore and I groaned at the sudden loss.
"What is my name?" Sammy said with a huge smirk on his face.
"Daddy, please, daddy make me cum." I moaned wanting to feel my orgasm.
He plunged two fingers inside of me and pumped them in and out of me at a rapid pace.
I felt a familiar knot in my stomach.
"Fuck, daddy, that felt so good" I moaned immediately after I cummed.
Sammy and I just cuddled and fell asleep in each other's arms.

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