[Lisa P.o.v]

I pushed Xion in the stroller as Cheren carried Liam.

Oh how she loved my brother like hell.

It was just all of us just walking around SoHo.

Us meaning Cheren , Jacob , Divine Michael , Brandon , Connor , Skylar  

And me.

I changed my number the day after finding out I got dumped and my mum changed the house number for her own reasons that same day as well.

When she changed my number she deleted my contacts and I was already pissed at her so that got me more heated.

I haven't seen Kyle in a week and a half or Kimberly either , I was quite bored without them.

I couldn't even tell them I model now , I went to Kim apartment but they told me she was out so I figured she was at Carmello's house.

I definitely want going there !

I spent most of the days at work with the twins and when I don't want to go home I sleep at Ashley's or Xena's house just because my mum lately has been pissing me off with not helping me with the twins. I thought it was just a phase but shit , It doesn't matter doe. Xena and Ashley don't mind me sleeping over they love the twins off , they buy them things and all , more then mum had ever done.

Cheren and her batch caught me on the day I was at home and forced me to go to SoHo with them.

I didn't mind , I was beyond bored.

I got the twins dressed and we was off.

So far these dudes are going around baby shops and buying them things , me telling them no but they refused to listen.

So imagine the bags I had to fit in the bottom stroller.

"I'll hold Xion , so we can fit more bags , " Divine said and I laughed shaking my head.

Her and Cheren were going wild buying shit walking in front us pointing out different stores we should go in.

Brandon & Connor were on one side of me and Jacob & Michael on the other. Skylar dragged behind me and I sighed. They were surrounding me like I was a celebrity and they were my body Guards.

This made me laugh and they looked at me oddly and I shook my head dismissing them.

"Lisa,"Brandon said.


"Dot asked about you , " he said.

I so miss Dot , I froze at the mention of his name stopping in my tracks making Skylar bump into me.

"Sorry ," I said turning around to face Skylar.

"Naw ain't no problem ma ," he mumbled softly. He was the quiet one.

"Why did he ask for me ?" I question as I sighed and turned to face Brandon.

"He said to ask if you alright , disappearing like that he and Enrique are dumbfounded because you disappeared without a word and then breaking up with him like that , Brandon said.

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