Team Natsu vs. Lucy

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Chapter 3

This is my third chapter team natsu vs. Lucy

I do not own Fairy Tail
But Hiro Mashima does

Everyone has gathered outside for the fight of the strongest team in fairy Tail vs. Lucy a celestial mage most of the guild are betting in team natsu the only people who bet on lucy are master makarov,1st master,mira,wendy,juvia,gajeel,levy,exceeds,laxus and cana.
Team Natsu and lucy:hai!
Master:then fight!
Natsu:your going down weakling
Lucy:shut up salamander
Natsu:roar of the fire daragon!!!!!
Lucy let natsu's attack hit her.
Natsu:I told you she was a weakling.
Happy:natsu look*points at lucy*
Team Natsu and the people who bet on team natsu:nani!!!
Lucy was eating natsu's attack.
Lucy: salamander your fire taste good but igneels fire is better.
Natsu:how did you know igneel?
Erza:how did you eat natsu's attack?
Lucy:its simple,I am igneels aprenttice.
Natsu:you know where igneel is?
Lucy:yeah,here is igneels key.(getting a red key from her key pouch)
Natsu:call him
Lucy:I will call him IF YOU BEAT ME.
Natsu:let's make a bet
If we win we get to see our dragons and I you win we will do every thing you say for five days.its a deal?
Gray:ice make lance
Erza:heavens wheel armor blumenbblat,dance my blade
Natsu:wing slash of the fire dragon
Lisanna:animal soul tigress!
Lucy:excequip,elemental sword!
Lucy slash all the attacks with her sword and lisanna is already unconscious.
Lucy: I'm just fonna finish this,roar of the elemental dragon.
A swirling of elements hit team natsu.
And team natsu is now unconscious.
Master:alright people pay up2x.

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Is team natsu is deafeted?

Me: Natsu can you pls. Do the desclaimer?
Natsu: no,because your story stinks!
Me:(sulking in my emo corner) your right my story is lame. Maybe I should delete it.(starts to cry)
Happy:natsu look what have you done to author-san.
Lucy:no pls. Do not delete your story author-san because we are almost near the good part and also crying does not suit you author-san.
Happy:yeah crying makes ypu look like a old lady.
Me:baka Neko!!!!
Pls. Happy can you do the desclaimer
Me: I will give you 5 fishes if you do it.pls.
Happy:Nicole does not own Fairy Tail but Hiro Mashima does.
Me:here(gives happy 5 fishes)
Happy:thanks(while eating a fish)
Me:by the way how did you know my name?
Charles:he's been reading your diary.
Happy:runs outside
Me:Happy!!! Get back here.(chase after happy)
Pantherlily and charles:see you in next chapter.

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