Waking Up

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Briella's POV

I woke up confused as to where I was. I saw Audree and.. Andy?? I tried to sit up but they pushed me back down. "Mm where am I?" I tried to ask but my throat felt really dry.

"You're at the hospital Brie." Audree grabbed my hand. "Do you remember what happened?" I looked at the needles in both of my arms.

"I remember getting home and being thrown on the floor.. after that everything else is a blur.. Andy?" He looked up. Tears rolling down his face. I reached up to him and he grabbed my other hand. "When did you get here?" I tried to smile a bit but failed.

He kissed my forehead. "This morning. You really don't remember anything else?" His voice was shaky. I missed him so much honestly. When I found out that he was leaving us I got in a fight with him. Pretty stupid. I never apologized to him. It's been 3 years since we fought and last spoke.

"Andy.." I barely heard myself whisper to him.

Audree got up from her chair. "I'm gonna go call the doctor and let Darren know that you're awake sis." She kissed my forehead before heading out.

I watched her walk outside before looking back at Andy. "Andy.. I'm so sorry for ever fighting with you.. I was so stupid!" I could feel tears starting to form. "I was just so scared and mad that you were leaving us. I couldn't bare to not have you around us. I never knew that it was going to be even more difficult to not talk to you at all.. please forgive me Andy.."

He grabbed my hand with one hand and gently put his other hand on my cheek. "Baby sister you have nothing to apologize for. I was hurt yeah but I believed you just needed time to accept it. I always watched over you. I missed you all so much! I got so caught up in my career that I never had the chance to go visit you guys. I promise that's going to change though. I'll be around more often." I smiled up at him.

Just then the doctor came in. "Hello Briella how are you feeling? I'm Dr. Warren. Any headaches or pains?" He was writing down on his clipboard then looked up at me.

I paused for a second. "No I feel fine." I tried to sit up when I felt an excruciating pain which caused me to yelp. I lifted up my gown and saw my stomach wrapped up in bandages "Whaa-what happened?" My voice was the shaky one now.

The doctor spoke up. "You suffered a wound in your abdominal area. You lost some blood on your way to the hospital yesterday. We were able to stop the bleeding. You have some stitches. You will have to take it slowly for the next couple weeks until you are fully healed." He said looking up from his clipboard.

Andy grabbed my hand and pulled my gown down. "When will we be able to take her home?" He looked up at the doctor.

"Well we'd like to keep her here for a week so she can heal without any problem and take it slow with caution as well. We want to keep her monitored just in case her stitches open up. After that you guys can take her home. Any more questions?"

We all looked at each other. As the doctor began to walk out I yelled out at him.

"Wait Dr. Warren!" He came back inside. "How's my mom?" I remembered finding her unconscious on the bathroom floor.

He gave my siblings an uneasy look. My insides began to quiver up. "It's best if we tell you Briella." Darren came out from behind the doctor.

I nodded as the doctor started to walk out the door. Darren asked him something but I couldn't quite make out what he said. Dr. Warren just shook his head no.

He waited until the doctor was out of the room to tell me. "How are you Briella?" Darren's eyes were bloodshot red and puffy. He looked so sad yet so frightened.

"I'm ok. How's my mom?" I tried sitting up but Andy put his hand on my shoulder and shook his head at me. "Is anybody going to tell me or what!?" I was seriously getting annoyed that nobody was telling me how my mom was doing.

Audree came and stood next to me and grabbed my hand. "Brie mom is.. mom is in a coma and we don't.." she started crying.. my mom is in a coma?!

Darren stood in front of my bed and grabbed on to the rail. "We don't know when she'll wake up or if she'll wake up at all Briella.." His voice was so low and faint.

I didn't know what to think or what to say at this moment. I looked up at all three of them crying silently. I tried getting up but Andy once again stopped me. "Andy don't! I need to see mom. I need to see her!" I looked up him to see that he had his eyes closed so I grabbed his cheek with my hand until he opened his eyes. "Please Andy.." My voice was shaky and came out barely in a whisper.

He looked over at Audree and she looked over at Darren. "Are you sure you want to see her in that condition Briella?" Darren was still holding on to the rail at the end of my bed. I nodded yes. "Okay.." He left and within 5 minutes he came back in with a wheelchair and a nurse

The nurse helped me get up and helped me with my IV monitor. She helped me sit down on the wheelchair. It was them that I realized how painful it was to stand up but I didn't cry due to being scared they might make me lay back down instead.

We were on the elevator heading up to the 4th floor since we were on the 3rd. Audree was grabbing my hand the whole time we were heading to my mom's room. Darren went to go open the door as Andy was pushing me in. Audree was grabbing my IV monitor so it wouldn't pull against my skin and make me bleed. My eyes could not believe what I was seeing..

Andy helped me back on my bed as the nurse fixed my IV monitor back in place. I wanted so badly to trade spots with my mom. The image of her was still playing over and over in my head. Needles sticking inside her arms, tubes inside her nose and mouth. Her left leg in a cast and her head wrapped up in bandages. She looked heartbreaking. I felt completely numb. Next thing I knew I blacked out.

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