Leanne and Jamie

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 Hello. This is my first story. Read ahead!


A Best friend is the one who supports you all the way through hell. A confidant, a loyal company, a trusted person whom you can share every tiny bit of your secrets. A good person… A rule breaker, an assignment copier, a cellphone snatcher, a book hider, a lunch destroyer, a bankrupter, a mirror smasher, a stupid and pathetic companion which you really love being with.

Best friends, Leanne and Jamie.

Leanne’s the type of P-thing (popularity) concerned. Spends hours of make-ups and clothing and is much known to everyone as “The highness”. Rich, pretty, though pre-madonna and a bit lousy at class while being great in terms of physical activities.

Jamie on the other hand can be recognized through, rectangular glasses, 6 pocketed-jeans, thick books, bagpack and never will you see her without a sweater which everybody refers to as “the horror”. No, no! its not that she looks horrible, she’s pretty indeed but is very strict and wants everything to be in its proper order. Head of the class, a leader but a lousy athlete.

Best friends, Leanne and Jamie.

Have known each other since they could remember. Two total opposite jocks, who’s to everyone’s horror, have been long-lasting friends.

“Look at these incredibly famous books written by Asnidah Sarip” broadcasted Jamie.

“They’re really cool not to mention, expensive. They’re a total hit in Europe. Won many awards of ‘em. They’re really great! Try it!” she reported excitedly.

“You’re really a bookworm, Jamie. You obviously looked like one.” replied Leanne dully. “You’re also a P-thing, Leanne. Pathetic.” attacked Jamie.

“Thanks, it the nicest compliment so far.” smiled Leanne.

Well, okay they had a tendency to be a downcast to each other sometimes but they really get-along with. Their friendship was genuine and was well preserved by the two of them for such a long span of time. Everything was perfect.. perfect.. perfect. Toinks!


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