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"You better shut your mouth before I shut it for you."

THE GROUP OF FRIENDS, all sat in Nancy's car on their way to go get Eddie. Fiona made sure she grabbed some beer for the boy and even paid for it herself.

Fiona would be lying if she said she wasn't excited to see Eddie. Ever since they left the boy she had been thinking about it every day.

Fiona sat in the back of the car not wanting to be squished in between Max and Lucas. Although she was squashed in the very back with Steve and Dustin, Fi found it better.

"Not to be a wimp but can I sit in the car? 'Cause, this is gonna totally and royally suck." Robin asked Nancy, referring to Eddie not wanting to see the boy upset yet again.

"It'll be fine." Nancy comforted the blonde woman making her sigh. "I can't stand to see those dull eyes of Eddie's break again. I really, really can't." Robin told the woman.

"At least he can drink himself into feeling better." Steve picked up the beers, although no one could see due to being in the back.

"That's what my mom does." Max informed her friends.

"Hey, put those down." Fiona told Steve, snatching the beers away from his hand. "I paid for them and I'm giving them to him so I don't want you breaking them." Fiona told the Harrington boy, placing the beers gently on her lap.

"Why don't we give it a trial run? "Hey, Eddie. Uh, good news first this time. We got you some Fiona-approved junk food and Fiona also bought you the six-pack which you requested." Robin spoke, pretending as if the boy was standing right in front of her.

"Oh yeah, and we found Vecna. The bad news is that he's in that other, darker, much scarier dimension, that we told you about and the gate's closed, so we have no way of getting to him. Like he's entirely shut off to us so basically, you're screwed. And, no, I know you were already screwed, but now you're like doubly, triply screwed." Robin quickly rambled on in panic.

"Wait. Maybe we don't put it like that." Lucas suggested, quickly shutting down the blonde woman's suggestion.

"Yeah, maybe we could get Fiona to speak to him." Steve looked over to the girl with a wink causing the girl to let out a very loud groan.

"You better shut your mouth before I shut it for you." Fiona told the boy, slightly threatening the boy making him laugh.

"We're one step closer to finding Vecna." That's what we say. That's what's important." Nancy told Robin, keeping her eyes on the road.

"See, Robin? Positive spin can make all the difference." Steve told the girl, leaning back again the car. "Uh-huh." Robin rolled her eyes.

"Oh shit." Nancy spoke, causing everyone else in the car to look out only to see cop cars and other citizens surrounding the place where Eddie was supposed to be.

Nancy quickly pulled over, and everyone immediately got out of the car and headed towards the house which had crime scene tape around it.

The group listened in on a conversation that one of the officers was currently having whilst being recorded for live TV. "A little over midnight... reporting a homicide here on the lake. Officer Callahan here and I arrived first on the scene. We made our way to the shore of Lover's Lake, about ten yards from the house you see behind me. It was there that we found the victim, an 18-year-old senior from Hawkins High, Patrick McKinney." The officer had pulled out a photo of the boy who had sadly been a victim and showed it to the camera.

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