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"What the actual fuck was that, Dustin?"

FIONA LED THE WAY into one of the creepy rooms due to the two boys being too afraid.

"Hey, uh, guys?" Steve said making Fiona turn back to face him. "Yeah?" They both responded in sync.

"Can you maybe, uh, clarify what sort of clues we're supposed to be looking for here?" The oldest boy asked.

"The world is full of obvious things which by any chance ever observes." Dustin said in a very bad attempt at a British accent as he slowly turned to face Steve.

The three stared at each other for a few seconds, not saying anything until Fiona piped up. "What the actual fuck was that, Dustin?" The girl asked as she shone her flashlight in his face.

"Sherlock Holmes." Dustin told her in his now normal voice, as Steve just stared at the boy. Dustin scoffed before walking off. "That's great." Steve sarcastically told the boy.

"Thanks. That's great. Really helpful." Steve said even louder as he turned back to face the boy who walked into a different room.

Fiona continued looking around the place, hoping to find any clues or anything that looked weird or out of place. Her attention quickly turned to Steve as she heard metal squeaking.

She rushed over to the boy only to see him crouched down over a vent. "What are you doing?" Fiona asked oddly.

"I don't know." Steve shrugged, slowly putting his hand down the vent. Steve soon pulled it back out to reveal a glass jar with a dead spider inside.

"Get that thing away from me, now." Fiona told the boy as she flinched back and turned her head away.

Fiona immediately jumped as she saw the boy in front of her jump up causing her to slightly screech as he also dropped the jar. Steve began shaking his body and ran out of the room just as Dustin ran back in.

"You okay?" Dustin asked concerned just as Fiona ran over to the boy. "Absolutely not. There's a dead fucking spider on the floor and even though it's dead, it's still a bit too scary for my arachnophobia." Fiona exclaimed as she shuddered.

"Seriously? I thought someone's head got cut off or something because of the screech you let out." Dustin told the girl making her sigh. The now duo left the room

"Where'd Steve go?" Dustin asked the girl, shining his flashlight around. "I don't know. He ran out the room like a crazy man." She shrugged, continuing to walk around the slightly spooky place.

"Hey, guys? You might want to see this!" The faint sound of Max's voice could be heard from upstairs making both Dustin and Fiona send a look at each other before heading to the stairs.

Steve, Nancy and Robin had joined the two at the top of the stairs, them all immediately rushing down to see Lucas and Max standing in front of one of the chandeliers which were flickering all though the place had no electricity.

"Wow." Fiona said, as she moved forwards so she was now standing next to Lucas.

"It's like Christmas lights." Nancy whispered, Robin furrowing her brows. "Christmas lights?"

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