The Basics Q&As

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The basics covers meditation, visualisation, grounding & centring, energy work, and cleansing/charging. The following is questions & answers about these concepts.

Is there any certain way to meditate? Because I've tried YouTube videos but they don't work. The only thing that really relaxes me is putting on comfy headphones, sitting cross-legged, closing my eyes and just rifling through my thoughts and slowly clearing them. Problem is, I don't know if that's not how its done, or if there's a better way.

You have perfectly described a type of meditation called mindfulness meditation. This is a perfectly valid way to meditate and is very good for your mental wellbeing!

Here's what you've got to understand; there are different types of meditation, and they have different purposes in witchcraft. The four main types of meditation used in witchcraft are: mindfulness, focussed, spiritual, and moving meditation. Here's a breakdown of each type:

💭 Mindfulness meditation: This is a type of meditation very popular in western society and ideal for beginners. During this type of meditation, you focus on your breath, breathe deeply, and observe your mind's thoughts as they pass by. In witchcraft, this is useful for assessing your thoughts on a situation and temporarily removing your emotions so that you are able to make informed, logical decisions. This also has a calming effect which is good for preparing your mind for spellwork.

👓 Focussed meditation: This is a form of Buddhist meditation which involves focussing on one sole thing throughout the entirety of the meditation session. In witchcraft, this helps to develop the skill of focus which is useful when casting a spell as you need to focus on your intent for as long as possible during the ritual.

🧘 Spiritual meditation: This is any type of meditation that seeks to strengthen your connection with your deity(ies) and/or the universe. It is usually done by achieving absolute silence; silence in your external surroundings and in your mind. In this moment of nothingness, you are able to achieve a feeling of "oneness" with the universe. This type of meditation is not easy to master and takes a lot of practice. In witchcraft, this is not only useful for developing your spirituality but also opening up your mind to receiving messages from your deity(ies) and/or the universe.

🤸 Moving meditation: This form of meditating is simply done by aimlessly moving around, and is ideal for people who have trouble sitting still and prolonging their focus. The aim of this meditation is to let your body guide you and just exist in the moment. Take in the sights, sounds, smells, and other sensations and just "be". You do not have to worry about letting your mind wander; just pass on any thoughts without judgement and exist in the current moment. In witchcraft, this is useful for calming the mind, forming a deeper connection with nature and your body, and can be adapted for receiving messages from spirits, deities, and/or the universe.

How do you enchant your jewellery? I wear a ring everyday, and I'd like to enchant it with a protection spell but I don't know how

Enchanting is a basic practice in witchcraft that you'll likely use all the time! It's not limited to enchanting jewellery with protection magick, you can enchant any object with any intent.

There are lots of different ways to enchant. The most effective way to quickly enchant without any tools is to learn energy work. Basically we all have an innate ability to sense and manipulate energy (e.g. we can sense when someone else is sad, you can change your mood with uplifting music). Energy work is essentially cultivating these abilities to perform witchcraft. The basic mechanism is to build up some energy in your body (e.g. rubbing your hands together) and then attuning it with some mood or intent.

Example: If I want to enchant a necklace with love magick, I can rub my hands together, visualise an energy ball forming between them, and build up some energy.
As I do this, I visualise feelings of love; I think about what it feels like to have a hug, feel the sensation of a kiss on my lips, visualise that warm fuzzy feeling of being loved. The energy ball is being attuned with love magick as I do this.
Now I place my hands over the necklace, and "push" the energy ball into it. The necklace has been enchanted!
(Once the exercise is over you should drink some water and eat a snack, energy work can be tiring and leave you ungrounded).

Energy work is not the only way to enchant objects:
> You could place your jewellery in the middle of a crystal grid, or a pentacle. The object will be enchanted with whatever intent you set for the grid or pentacle. Leave the object there for a few hours or overnight.
> You could make a protection magick oil, and anoint your jewellery with the oil.
> Bathe the object in incense/herb bundle smoke. Whatever herbs make up the bundle/incense will infuse the object with the same magick e.g. rosemary is connected with good health, purification, & memory, and thyme attracts loyalty & affection.
> Sometimes I like to leave objects in moonlight to be enchanted with protection, enhancing psychic abilities, or any feminine qualities.
> You can achieve the same effect by submerging an object in moon water.

This is not a complete list by the way! Check out my other work 'Modern Witchcraft: Beginners Guide' and read the chapter 'Cleansing, Charging, and Discharging' for more information on all that I've talked about here.

How can I use dance in my witchcraft? ~PearlFallingOnJade

Dance is used a lot in witchcraft for entering altered states of consciousness, connecting with nature, honouring deities, and raising energy. Humans have been using dance to connect with nature for millennia, its roots can be found in shamanism. While coven or group dances may be steeped in tradition, your dance can be any kind of dance you want. Try replicating a wild wind, a rushing stream, an erupting volcano, or a flickering flame. Put on some music you enjoy and dance in any way that feels comfortable. Let the energy flow through you, basically.

Dance before a spell to cleanse the space and your body. Dancing essentially raises your vibrations which has a cleansing effect in your mind, body, and surrounding space.

You can also dance during spells to raise energy, this has the same purpose as chanting, repetition, burning candles, using crystals, playing music (etc.) during spellcasting. After you have performed the main steps of your spell (e.g. writing a petition, tying knots, making a potion), begin to raise energy by dancing. If you're not good at dance, start simply by walking around your altar in circles. Walk faster and faster, until your breath is heavy and your head delirious in the candlelight, until your body can raise energy no more (you have entered an altered state of consciousness). Then release the circle, and send the raised energy out to the universe.

As you can tell, dance is one of the most powerful ways to raise energy. Combined with chanting, drumming, and candlelight, it is a sure way to enter the altered state of consciousness necessary for powerful spellcasting.

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