getting ready to up and go?? yipee??ch.2

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hey guys still in Rosa's pov just to let you know.


Home at last. No more having to turn around and see Ross staring at me. I start to box up my things two box's contained my shoe's, bags, hats and scarve's. I packed all the thing's of what Ross gave me into a box and wrote on it 'junk'. Packing the rest of my thing's only took two more hours. The moving van parked up on the curb men started walking in and out of the house. I didn't notice Ross sitting on the back porch swing. I walked right past him not noticing him at first. Carrying the box of junk down of the porch I left it by a burnt out trash can, walking into a shed and grabbing a gasoline can off the shelf, walking back out and starting the trash can a light was when I noticed him. He was standing inch's away from me.

"What are you doing Rosa" I jumped turning round and shouted.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" He had pain in his eyes when I said this, I didn't care not after every thing that he did to me.

"I came to apologize, and to see if you would take me back?" He asked questioning it even.

"So you think coming over here and to say sorry is that all because apology not excepted." With that said I threw the junk box in the burning trash can I shouted over my shoulder "If you want your stuff back, put your hands in the flames and get them." Walking off into my house smiling, just in time I thought as dad came running in.

"Where have you been? we've been looking every were for you. Time to go; you got a fair well party out side to see you off, one of them I'm not to happy about!" If look's could kill that is what Ross was getting from my dad. I started to laugh, it didn't last long I walked outside to be embraced by my best friend, I started to cry with all the affection coming from one person. Jenna stepped back into Luke's arm. Luke was next and on it went until I came to Ross I gave him a quick hug and said,

"Don't think this makes any difference I was only doing that to rub salt in your wounds," He looked away wounded I laughed; and walked away. From the car I yelled  "fair well arse holes, I'll see you at break next week sometime I need to go shopping with my best girlie, oh an Luke she might be your girlfriend now but hands off, when I need girl time with her no way are you getting her," He blushed and I laughed at Jenna's face "It wasn't hard to figure out Jenny girl, see you soon loser's!"

Waving goodbye we made our three hour journey to Eagle Skull. I closed my eye's and put my head phone's in looking out the window listening to my favorite song by pink - push you away. As my favorite lyrics start to play I feel myself go into a doze....


so what did you guys think it might be a bit boring at the moment but it will get better once she gets to Eagle skull(not a real town i don't think i just made it up) so vote comment fan and what do you think will she go back to town alone or with a guest or will she ever go back at all 

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