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Warning : bad language ahead

Last night was quite a night. I barely slept, when Cameron was on my mind the entire night, also the fact that my parents were making too much noise in their room. Just the thought is making me gag with disgust and annoyance.

I never told my mom about my dinner with Cameron, it'd only make her feel worse, especially hearing it from the Dallas family. On the bright side, Sierra is finally back at college, and I probably won't see her for a couple more months.

"Thanks for the breakfast Mom." I said handing it to her, as she was washing the dishes.

"No problem honey; you better head off to school now." She said ordering me. It was already hard enough to get used to her being here, but now she's going back to her usual commands.

I was finishing my orange juice, and as I was about to gently set it in the sink, I noticed something on the counter: mom's ring, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't her engagement ring from Mason.

"Mom, what's that?" I said, pointing to the ring.

"Oh, nothing. Why don't you head to school; or you'll be late." She said, covering the ring with sigh the dishrag.

I had a little time to argue back and forth with her, but I decided to let it go.

At school, it felt a little weird seeing Cameron, knowing I was with Jack last night. Sure, he feels a little awkward about all this, but I am too. I don't understand how Jack functions.

"Cameron, can we talk?" I said, walking up to him.

"Sure babe, are you okay? You seem shaken."

"Uhm, actually no, I'm not okay." This would be a great time to tell Cameron about Jack. Then, maybe we'll be in the clear.

"What is it, Madison?"

"My mom was wearing a wedding ring this morning." I'm such a coward.

"Really babe? What do you think that could mean?"

"That maybe she's into my dad again, Cameron. And my dad isn't denying that he feels the same way."

"Madison, just talk to your mother about this, and maybe things will work out. I gotta head to class." He said, kissing my forehead. I need to talk to Cameron, ASAP.

"Well, well, well." I head from behind me, along with clapping. "That was some talk." Said Tess, it's like she has nothing better to do than instigate.

"What do you want Tess?" I said annoyed.

"Well, don't you think it'd be better if you told Cameron about last night? Or better yet, maybe I should." Tess said twirling her hair.

"You wouldn't." I said in her face.

"Let's remember how my cousin nearly broke you two up. Imagine what I could do."

"Let's remember that I'm the junior, and you're the sophomore. You may be a cheerleader, but I still have more popularity than you. Don't go down this road." ***

"I'm just saying Madison," Tess said looking at her nails. "Don't push me." Soon, we saw Jack heading our way, and Tess pulled his arm and took him in the other direction.
What a bitch.

After lunch, Jack drove me to the nail salon to get a manicure, which he's also be paying for. How sweet, right? Even though he's being tutored by Madison, I don't know why anyone sees in her that makes her worthy enough to even be someone's friend? Let alone anyone's girlfriend. Poor Cameron.

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