A wolf's choice (Sam Bella story)

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Bella Pov....

As Edward said he didn't want me I blocked out his voice until he kissed my forehead.

"Bye,Bella" He said emotionless and run in his vampire speed. All I could feel was a pain all over my body, I screamed out as spurts of black, grey, and white fur was growing all over my body.

I dropped on my knees and my hands grips the dirt until my nails was growing long and a polish black color likes a dog's

I screamed painfully as my bones was slowly deforming while my mouth was turning into a black snout turning my screams in a painfully howls.

I smelled new things like a super sweet bleach smell, moss, grass,, a herd of does and one buck a mile away, and a oaky dog smell.

I was on all fours. I looked down to see white and grey furry paws.

I screamed but I just let out a high whine. A voice spoked in a back of my head.

Mystery 1: Sam, I've done patrol now it's Jared's turn.

the voice whined that's really annoying

Mystery 2: Indeed, Wait a minute who are you and what are you?!?

the voice said with full authority and great powerful force behind every word that causes me to whine.

Bella: B-b-bella S-s-wan....

Mystery 1: Ew... it's the leech lover

a animalistic growl went through my chest that I couldn't control.

Mystery 2: Paul!!!

Mystery 1: What Sam!?! it's the truth she loves the Cullens equals leech lover!!.

I assumed that is Paul

Mystery 2: This is a new werewolf now be quiet

And that maybe is Sam? That name gave me tingles on my back .

Paul: Oooh Sam got a new admire!!

Sam: Shut up!!

Well what am I

Sam: Well you are a shifter but a pale skinned one so maybe Charlie is one.... I think

Racist.... I muttered

Sam: Well, where are you?

Bella: Ten miles away from my house

Sam: Ok, Paul howl for the pack and Bella stay still.

Paul: Ok, Alpha

I heard a medium high deep howl and it makes me want to follow.

Sam: Stay Still....

a big huge beautiful black wolf appeared where Edward ran that causes my heart to hurt, the wolf was big but I was a head bigger than the wolf I wonder what I look like.

Sam: I am the black wolf...

Oh!! a silver wolf two heads smaller than Sam came out and a chocolate brown looking wolf was the smallest one stepped out of the woods where Sam stepped out.

Paul: Hey, look she's taller than you, Sam

chocolate: Hey, who is this and I am not small.

How do you change into human form?

Sam: think human and this is Bella, Jared and this is Jared, Bella

Jared: Oh... Bella Swan the chiefs daughter?....

yes I am (I thought about human experience like falling of my balance)

I felt my bones cracking less painfully than the first time but I felt a shock through my back setting me to fall on my paws and clawing to get up but my paws turned into their regular form.

While I lay there I felt warm while I look down I was fully nude I blushed beet red and try to hurry to my feet but I felt back because of my legs was sore.

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