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"Do we seriously need to tell you everything?"

  THE CAR CAME TO A sudden halt as they stopped outside, what used to be, Victor Creel's house. The group looked at the house eerily before walking up the concrete stairs.

The group stopped walking as they made it up and stared at the abandoned house yet again.

"Yeah, that's not creepy." Steve told the group as they continued forwards to the house. The boy pulled out a hammer from the backpack which sat on Dustin's back and began removing the pins from a big piece of wood which covered the door.

"What exactly are we supposed to be looking for in this shithole?" Steve asked as he removed some more pins.

"We're not sure." Nancy responded causing Fiona to nod her head. "Well, that's helpful." The girl mumbled.

"We just know this house is important to Vecna." Nancy reminded the Harrington boy.

"Maybe he grew up in it or something?" Fiona suggested to the girl who just sighed, "Maybe."

"Because Max saw it in Vecna's red soup mind world?" Steve asked Nancy. "Basically." She responded.

"Great." Steve told her with a sigh.

"Maybe it's a clue to where Vecna is. Why he's back. Why he killed the Creels." Dustin suggested with a shrug of his shoulders. "And how to stop him before he comes back for Max." He continued speaking.

"We don't think he's in here, do we?" Lucas asked the group wearily making Fi shrug. "Guess we'll find out." She told him with a sigh.

Steve let the piece of wood which covered the front door drop to the ground with a loud thud. Fiona looked up at the door and saw the same stain-glassed door she saw when she was in Max's mind.

Steve grabbed the door handle and rattled it trying to open it but, it didn't budge. "It's locked." He informed them.

"Should I knock, see if anybody's home?" Steve suggested. "No need." Everyone's eyes turned to face Robin who had spoken the blonde girl raised her hand and revealed a brick which sat in her hand. "I found a key."

"Or you know... I could always just open it." Fiona mumbled with a shrug as she watched the blonde woman throw the brick through the glass which created a hole.

Steve put his hand through it before opening the door from the inside. The door squeaked open as everyone slowly entered the abandoned house.

Fiona looked around the place in amazement now noticing just how big the house actually was. "Wow." She whispered as she shone her flashlight at random things.

"Looks like someone forgot to pay their electric bill." Lucas jokingly said as he tried to turn on a lamp only for it to not work.

"Where'd everyone get those?" Fiona heard Steve ask making the girl turn her head just to see he was talking about the flashlights.

Fiona shone her bright light on the boy's face making him squint, "Do we seriously need to tell you everything?" She questioned with a smirk, remembering the time when she didn't have a flashlight and Steve told her that.

"You think you're funny using my words?" Steve asked the girl with a very fake grin as he attempted to take the flashlight out of the girl's hand only to fail.

"Hey, that's my flashlight." Fiona told the boy snatching it away from the boy's hand.

"You're not a child." Dustin told Steve, referring back to when Fiona asked him if they needed to tell him everything.

"Thank you." Steve nodded at the boy as Dustin gave him the backpack. "Back pocket." The curly-headed boy told him as Steve pulled out a flashlight.

Steve dropped the backpack onto the floor before walking further into the house beside Fiona and Dustin.

"Hey, guys?" The sound of Max's voice caught the attention of everyone making them all turn to face her. "You all see that, right?" She asked, shining her flashlight onto the same clock which she had been seeing previously.

"Yeah." Everyone confirmed as they walked up to it.

"Is this what you saw? In your visions?" Nancy asked the girl nodding her head towards the clock even though the girl couldn't see the moment due to her facing away.

Max nodded in response right as Robin had spoken up. "I mean, it's... just a clock. Right?"

Robin walked up to the clock and rubbed the dust and dirt off of the glass so you could now see the actual numbers. "Like a normal old clock."

"Why is this wizard obsessed with clocks?" Steve asked no one in particular, earning a shrug from Fi. "I mean, why not?"

"Maybe he's, like, a clockmaker or something?" Steve suggested as he knitted his eyebrows earning a raise of the brows from Dustin. "I think you cracked the case, Steve." He told the boy sarcastically.

"Yeah, Sherlock Holmes who?" Fiona muttered loud enough for the two boys to hear.

"All I know is the answers are here. Somewhere." Nancy told them, looking around the place. "Okay, everyone get into groups. Robin, upstairs." Robin saluted the girl before quickly following her up the stairs.

Max moved her way over to Lucas before touching his shoulder, "Come on, let's go." Max told him, walking off into a different room.

Fiona turned around so she was now facing Dustin and Steve. The three looked at each other for a second before Steve sighed and began heading for the stairs.

"Was that a sigh? Did he just sigh at us?" Dustin asked Fiona making her furrow her brows at the Harrington boy.

"Yeah, he did. Why are you sighing at us?" Fiona asked the boy, quickly following him up the stairs.

"No, I did not sigh." Steve told the two as Dustin then followed behind her.

"Why'd you sigh?" Dustin asked the boy making him sigh again. "You just did it again." Fiona exclaimed at the boy.

"I didn't sigh. Just come on." Steve told them. "I heard you." Dustin informed the older boy.

"We're just always in a group, okay?" Steve told them, turning back to face them as he did.

"You have a problem with that?" Dustin asked, Fiona nodding in agreement. "Yeah, you should feel lucky."

"It'd just be nice to, I don't know, mix it up a bit." Steve told them as they finally made it to the top of the stairs.

"So, what you're saying is that we're boring? We bore you?" Fiona questioned making him groan.

What the three didn't notice, was the lights behind them flickering as they made it to the top.

alex speaks

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