"Jazmine!... Jazmine?!" Dawn said during the middle of the song.

"What?" I reply. She points and I see two security guards walking towards us.

"You guys need to come with us." One of the security guards told us.

"I'm sorry, but what's the problem?" I ask.

"A gentlemen told us that he had seen you guys sneak in. Is this true?" The guard asks.

"Excuse me but which guy?" Asks Dawn. As she said that the two guards turn around and try to find the guy.

But what they didn't know was we ran out. We looked at them from behind the fences and they look so confused. It was the last song they were singing so we just decided it was okay if we missed the last 5 minutes of the concert.

~End of Flash back~

Luke's POV

I think Jazmine was drifting into her own world again. She wasn't responding to what I was saying.

"Oh I'm sorry" she says. "I sneak into concerts. I don't really do it anymore"

"Why not?" I wondered. Seems fun and cheap.

"I only did that with Dawn" Jazmine answered.

"Who's Dawn??" I ask, i think Jazmine mentioned her before but I don't remember.

"She was my best friend" Answered Jazmine.

"What happened?" I say as I see Jazmine wipes her fallen tear.

"I don't know... She just ran away..." Jazmine says and later mumbles, "just like me"

I cuddle her up and make her feel comfortable.

"Never mind about that, but I need to go get my stuff in the other room."Jazmine walks out the door right before I could get a hold of her hand.

"Hey! Calum!" I go over to his bed and try to wake him up. He groans and faces me.

"Where's Michael?" I ask him, seeing that Michael was gone. He usually didn't wake up this early, although you it was 9 in the morning.

"He went out at midnight. I think he went drinking." Calum says and goes back to sleep.

Next thing I know Michael walks in the room. Hair all messy, no shoes on, all sweaty. I already knew what he had done.

"Michael?!" I half-scream.

"What?!?" He half-yells back.

"Another groupie?" I ask.

"Fuck yeah!" He nods and yells.

Calum's POV

I wasn't really sleeping, I just didn't want to get out of bed, plus I wanted Luke to stop bothering me.

I could hear them talking about groupies, they would always talk about groupies. I don't really like having groupies anymore.

Every time I meet a girl they always think it's for 'it' but sometimes I fall for them and they don't know it.

Michael and Luke were the ones who had the most groupies.

They were going on and on about the girl Michael was with last night I don't think it's right to talk about that kind of stuff... and I don't think Jazmine would either.

You could tell that Jazmine has feelings for Luke. I'm not sure if Luke gets or sees that but I think he thinks that she's just another booty call or just someone he can mess with for a while.

I mean you can't really tell if Jazmine does but you could kinda tell.

Midnight- Luke's POV

The whole day was spent packing up, since we had to be going to Santa Fe in New Mexico. It would be, I don't know, I think a 12 hour drive maybe even longer.

Jazmine didn't come back from her hotel room and I was kinda worried but Jazmine is a tough girl she could handle herself. Still.. at the same time Jazmine can fall apart at the blink of an eye.

Before I go to sleep I send Jazmine a good night text.

Me: Goodnight:) please meet us in the lobby tomorrow morning at 7am.

I got no reply but I did see those dots you see when someone is typing, it showed a couple of times but she didn't send anything.

I'll just wait tomorrow to see her.


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