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They found Scotty and Richard Fraiser not very far from the manor. Two people hobbling away and not being able to drive, obviously couldn't get very far. They dragged them through the manor before throwing them into the dungeon — yes, the Salvatore's had a dungeon. I let them rot in there for three days.

I had other things to take care of. Elaisa was in a coma and had some brain damage that needed healing up. Bea was more traumatized than anything else but she slept like the memory of what happened was entirely too exhausting for her mind to comprehend. I hadn't had the courage to tell her that Brooklyn was missing, I just couldn't do it. I was being driven crazy with the idea that she was gone and I couldn't process it at the moment.

Especially, when Alana spent her days in a chair at her mother's bedside and stayed as far from me as she possibly could. When she gathered the strength to talk she told me to go away — I fought it at first but I didn't want to push her too far. She was grieving her father and even if she hated him, she loved him enough that she cried for a complete day.

Luciano stood guard at Elaisa's door. I could tell that the pain of not being there to protect the people who took him in was crashing through him. He gave me updates about Elaisa but he sounded so cruel when he told me that I couldn't go near Elaisa or Alana. Clary and Luciano were the only ones besides the doctor allowed in the room.

I step into Bea's room. She's curled into a ball as she sleeps. I refill her water and set down her plate of food that she'll pick over for the next three hours. The blinds are snapped shut and the curtains are as closed as you can get them. Even so, a few strand so flight shimmer through the room. I sit in her bed and rub her back to wake her up.

Bea jumps at the contact before she looks at me with wide eyes. It takes her a moment before she's fluttering her eyes and fully opening them again. I'm smiling softly as I bounce one of her curls. "You need to try and eat something, Bea."

She's quiet for a moment, "Did you know how much blood a human body can hold?"

"Yes," I whisper softly, "Surprisingly, so much."

"He just bled for what seemed like forever." Tears roll down her cheeks and to the top of her nose. She wipes her face with her shirt sleeve and sniffles. "Elaisa and I paralyzed by whatever drug....and he just laid there bleeding. He couldn't even scream because he was also paralyzed."

"I'm so sorry you had to see that, Bea, I'm so sorry."

"I've seen blood, murder, and all that gross stuff. It never fazed me." She swallows, "I didn't even get to scream for help."

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