Juchi the Enemy

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Itachi was not the only friend that I had as a little kid. I had another close friend named Juchi of the Hatomi Clan. Their jutsu specialized in the Genjutsu branch of ninja fighting. They were famous back in the day for wandering the counties and tricking people our of their gold. They eventually settled down in the Fire Country and began their build up of power.

The Fugas and the Hatomis were close friends. The children often played with each other while the mothers traded secrets and gossip.

But a huge fight between the two clans soon drove them to be enemies.

One day a Fuga and a Hatomi were assigned a mission together. They were to go kill a man that was an enemy to the Hokage and bring his body back.

Well while on the mission the Hatomi dies. All the signs point to the Fuga killing him, his kunai was covered in his blood and he had a motive of hate.

Everybody believed the Fuga killed the Hatomi (Even the Fugas!).

The Fugas were very strict about rules and those that break rules. When a Fuga commits a major crime, the clan takes it upon themselves to punish the accused. They feel it tarnishes the Fuga name.

So they were ready to kill the Fuga that murdered the Hatomi, but their leader and source of power, Calabra, told them her was innocent,

The Fugas are a powerful clan because they get their chakra power from a demon. Not a bad demon, but a protector demon that's a member of the guardian demons. (Its a religion the Fugas believe).

The demon is called Calabra and he is the Demon of the Sky. The Fugas fight with a wide range of sky like powers and often times surprise their enemy. Long ago they used to like in the Cloud Country but Calabra moved them.

When the Fugas suddenly believed the "murderer" innocent the Hatomis where furious.

The two clans fought and fought and were soon arch enemies in less than a year, and I had lost a friend.

I was only four, but it still stung. Juchi was the eldest in the head family too. Him and I were like two peas in a pod. We did everything together and competed with each other.

When my Mom said I couldn't'  see him anymore I was hysterical! I threw such a fit! I didn't talk to anyone except for my brother Kubo. He was two years younger than me. Even though he couldn't' walk like normal children, he still was a very bubbly child. He smiles at me whenever I enter the room. My mother thinks one day we"ll be the best of friends.

But I was still upset about Juchi. I didn't talk to my mother for a week. Not until I meet up with Juchi.

I was out on another little adventure, angry still at my family, but not wanting to stay inside the whole time either. I went to the park and saw Juchi playing in the sand. My happiness returned because no adult was here to ruin it.

I ran up to Juchi and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned and met me with wide eyes, but then a look of annoyance.

"What do you want Ichia?"

My five year old senses couldn't pick up on the hatred that laced his words. 

"Oh Juchi! We can play again! No mother will tell me I can't see you! Come one lets swing!"

He shook his head no, "Ichia I don't want to play with you. Your family is stupid and vile for believing in that stupid demon. My mother says I can't play with idiots."

That time his words hurt. My best friend was calling me such bad names, names that a five year old wouldn't understand. It hurt.

I was thinking that he would feel the same way as me, rebellious. Not wanting to understand why we couldn't play. Wanting to go against his parent's words and find a way to play. 

I was too naive. I didn't understand them, but years later, that he had lost a family member and just wanted closure. As a Fuga it's hard not to believe the force that gives you power, the force that protects you. When Calabra said that our family didnt kill the Hatomi then he had to be telling the truth. We must accept it, the Hatomis don't.

All they wanted was someone to blame for his death, someone to take it seriously. 

Poor little me didn't quite understand why Juchi hated me, especially when a week ago we were playing like brother and sister. How one could change so quickly. But the way he treated me would soon set off events that shape the rest of my life.

I turned my defeated self back toward home, feeling the bile of hatred form in my little mouth. If Juchi wanted this, he'll get this.

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