Chapter 16 The cave

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As Promise knocked a centaur answered from behind us. We all turned to see a older women with dark brown hair braided to one side with a whole handful of wood in her arms. She was wearing a bright red coat with a black scarf.  "Promise?"

I watched as Promise smiled and walked over to the lady Centaur and gave her a hug. "Mum."

  They both turned to face us and Chris smiled and bowed, "Good evening Miss." She smiled , "My dear Prince I don't think you should be bowing to me. I think I need to bow to you.  You must be Bella? I have wanted to meet for years."

I was confused, "How did you know my name?"

She gave the wood to Promise and nodded towards the door. "Come in and see for yourself."

She lead us inside to a open room with a grand fire place facing the door. There were built in bookshelf lining the stone walls around the room . With thousands of books and photos.  The older centaur came to the first shelf to my left and took a picture off the shelf and hand it to me.  I almost dropped it. It was a picture of me. I looked at her and she smiled, "This is your Grandmother's home. I am Grace, Her house keeper and I am Promise's mother."

It all clicked that is why Grandma was so friendly with Promise and wanted me to have her as my bodyguard.  "Wow this pretty cool."

"Come lets get you guys warmed up. We are due to have a snow storm tonight. I can feel it my bones." Promise laughed, "Oh mother. You and your bones. It's spring Mother. I don't think it will snow."

Grace just smiled , "I just remembered. Go get one of my doves from the stables Promise. I need to send Jo a message about your staying with me tonight."  

As Promise went back outside I started to look at the books and realised they were all the books that were in our house when I was little. All of her cookbooks, history book etc were all on the shelfs. I saw many pictures that I hadn't seen before.  I stopped at the first picture and asked, "Is this my Grandfather?"

It was a black and white picture of three people and a centaur. I could tell the lady near the centaur was Grandma and the centaur was Aimee but the other two people I couldn't put a finger on who they were.

Grace walked over and smiled, "You found a old picture. Yes that is your grandfather, God rest his soul and your grandmother with Lady Aimee.  The Women you might know. Or maybe not yet. But I think Jo will find time for you to meet your grandfather's family. His sister is still alive. That is your Great Aunt Ruby."

I laughed, "NO way. She can't be named Ruby? My Aunty name is Ruby."

"Yes I know. She was named after her. Ruby and your Grandma are very close sense Jo started living here more and brought your Grandfather's ashes back. She only lives about a hill dissidence away.  It's a grand home. Maybe one day you can see it.  The Picture was on their wedding day. You can tell with the dress Jo is wearing."

I looked closer to the photo and realised it was a white dress. Wow I have never seen a wedding picture of Grandma's ever.

"Thanks for telling me about the photo. It's wonderful to see things like this."

As I was moving on to the next shelf Promise came in saying, "Mum I sent the dove for you with the message. You right the winds are picking up and it's getting colder. I think a night in sounds good to me."

Grace smiled and placed food on the table. "Dinner is ready. Soup and cornbread."

As I ran my fingers along the shelfs I started to tear up as I saw my graduation photo with Mum. I missed her dearly. Chris came over and placed a hand on my arm and I jumped.

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