Chapter 5

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"We're being attack-"


Before the knight could complete the sentence, a dagger was thrust into his mouth.

"What are you doing- Kugh!"

The assassins emerged from the darkness and swiftly eliminated the three knights guarding the entrance of Chimseong Palace.

They then dragged the corpses to one side of the passage and concealed them.

Contrary to popular belief, assassins also preferred to operate in groups to ensure the death of their target. They made certain that the job was completed cleanly, leaving no traces that could associate the murder to them.

"Did they know we were coming?"

Assassin No. 18 murmured as he examined the iron plates guarding the dead knights' necks and hearts.

On top of that, there were also more knights delegated to the night watch than what the information they had received indicated, and they were patrolling in groups of three instead of two.

It was odd. They appeared more thoroughly prepared than the previous attempts, as if they were well aware of an impending attack.

"We're being attacked!"

"Pull yourselves together and stay alert!"

As if affirming No. 18's suspicions, shouts immediately rang out throughout the palace.

But nothing will change.

To begin with, they had intended on extinguishing all life in the palace.

And they possessed the ability to do so.

It could no longer be called an assassination, but what mattered most was completing their mission.

If I move upwards while eliminating all those on the lower floors... Hm?

As he examined his group, No. 18's eyes brimmed with vigilance.

The number of assassins assigned to this group was seven excluding himself...

However, he only counted six.

"Where did the last one go...? I'm certain I warned everyone against acting alone."



A strange noise sounded in No.18's ear.

An eerie and strange sound, as if a snake was slithering on the floor.

When No. 18 and the other assassins turned their heads towards the source of the sound.


This time, a cracking sound was heard from the opposite direction.

No. 18 quickly shifted his gaze towards where the first sound came from.


He was greeted by the sight of the assassin who had stood there earlier, his head severed and his body dropping to the floor.

"What is this...!"

The eyes of the assassins were tinged with confusion.

But their confusion did not last long.


Perhaps it was because No. 18 had weathered countless battles.

He quickly assessed the situation and issued instructions to the remaining assassins.

"Don't proceed any further and be wary of your surroundings."

It would be suicide to move onwards without identifying the enemy.

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