Chapter 4

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Gregor's body slumped, his head crashing onto the floor. Zion's gaze was then drawn to Artaud, who was standing beside him.

Despite them both being sons of high-ranking nobles who could freely visit the Imperial Capital, there was no hesitation in Zion's movements. From coercive speech to threatening behaviour, they themselves initiated the brawl and created trouble.


Artaud stuttered, his eyes wide from shock and an anxious expression on his face. He had not anticipated Zion's absurd counterattack. He couldn't comprehend what had happened from the moment Zion reached out to block Gregor's advance, until the point when Gregor's head smashed onto the floor.

Witnessing such a shocking event, Artaud retreated backwards out of sheer reflex, but Zion rushed forth at a breakneck pace...


Artaud's necklace, sensing that its owner was in peril, emitted a brilliant light. In an instant, Artaud's entire body was enveloped in a blue barrier. However, Zion didn't withdraw at all. Rather, his hand advanced toward Astraud like lightning.


Something sinister rapidly engulfed Zion's fingertips. Soon after, the moment Zion's hand and Artaud's shield collided...


Artaud's shield vanished completely.

It didn't shatter, nor was it pierced by Zion's vicious attack. It simply disappeared in the blink of an eye, without a trace, as though it had never existed in the first place.

Astonished by the spectacle before them, Artaud and Priscilla's pupils dilated.

Then, with a single movement, Zion grabbed Artaud's head and slammed it against the wall.


Meeting the same fate as Gregor, Artaud's body dropped lifelessly.

"Take them with you."

After staring at their unmoving figures for a few moments, Zion turned away and addressed Priscilla, who was standing nearby.

"I left them barely alive."

As though he had no further need for her, Zion walked away after uttering those words. Priscilla stared blankly at Zion's fading back for a moment, before immediately returning to her senses and yelling.


Zion turned towards her, his expression betraying his obvious irritation. His gaze pierced Pricilla, urging her to state her business. Wary of Zion's annoyed state, Priscilla approached him carefully and asked, "I want to stay here for a while. Is that alright?"

Her two attendants lay unconscious on the floor, yet she seemed indifferent.

Moreover, her eyes gleamed with unrestrained curiosity and excitement.

"As Your Highness is aware, several preparations are to be made in order to annul our engagement."


Zion had planned to refuse whatever Pricilla requested, but he stopped abruptly, at a loss for words. What she had just stated was definitely an excuse, and he was certain that assenting to her whims would irritate him later.

In Zion's eyes, she was blessed with surpassing beauty, guaranteed to attract unwanted attention. He wasn't aware whether using Priscilla would be worth the trouble.

Priscilla also possessed a rare trait, which led her to become the "Misfortunate Princess"1 in the novel. By taking advantage of her trait, it might be possible to expose the "true enemy" lurking in this palace.

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