He has awakened the Agnes' blood.

Fredo's only regret was that he hardly saw Zion's face recently since he spent nearly all his time in the training room.

"What's your business?"

Zion quickly asked what he wanted, as Fredo's gaze was burdensome.

"Ah, we have a guest".


"It's Priscilla-nim."

"Who is that?"

It was a name that sounded familiar, but he couldn't recall the person it belonged to, so Zion asked Fredo in return. However, Fredo responded hesitantly, a strange expression emerging on his face.

"She is...Your Highness' fiancée."

* * *

"My fiancée..."

After wiping off the sweat, Zion muttered to himself as he made his way to the drawing room, where Priscilla was waiting. Come to think of it, a prince was bound to have at least one fiancee.

Surprisingly, despite the fact that she was Zion Agnes' fiancée, she wasn't even mentioned in "Frosimar Chronicles". Therefore, he had to evaluate her himself, as he didn't possess Zion's memories.

But why does it feel like I've heard of her before?

Unsure of what to make of this odd feeling, Zion opened the door to the drawing room. Then he saw two men and a woman seated on an antique sofa, the woman relaxedly sipping her tea.

Zion's gaze met with that of the woman who appeared to be his fiancée.

The woman also regarded Zion with frosty eyes, the kind that might freeze her foe solid.

Now I remember.

At that moment, Zion recalled where he had heard the woman's name.

Priscilla Bamel.

She was a character mentioned on several occasions in The Chronicles of Frosimar.

A woman who would later be entitled the 'Misfortunate Princess' 1 due to some sort of incident. He wasn't certain he recalled it correctly because it wasn't included in the main story.

I didn't know Priscilla Bamel was Zion's fiancee.

However, an appearance identical to the one as described in the novel, especially her striking, dark red eyes, affirmed the fact.

"Why are you—."

"Can you two leave for a moment?"

The two men, seemingly enraged by Zion's attitude, tried to open their mouths, but Priscilla interjected and ordered them to leave.

Then, as if their rage was merely an illusion, they left the drawing room without any rebuttal. They seemed to be charmed by Priscilla's beautiful appearance and were at her beck and call.


Immediately afterwards, Priscilla turned to face Zion, who sat across from her, in silence. Zion peered into her eyes. How long had the silence lasted?

"It's been a while."

Priscilla broke the silence. A chilly voice that did justice to her eyes escaped her crimson lips. It was difficult to comprehend how his fiancée could speak to him in such a detached tone.

"Is that so?"

"Yes. You seem to have changed significantly since we last saw each other."

Priscilla, who had spoken those words while continuing to sip her tea, glanced at Zion and opened her mouth again.

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