Chapter 3

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In the private underground training room in Chimseong Palace.


The inside of the room was enveloped by a black mist. As if it were alive, the black mist continuously rotated and expanded.

It resembled a clear night sky, numerous stars gleaming through the dark mist.

Amongst those stars existed a single black star. This rotating black star's appearance became increasingly obscure as it swallowed the light emitted by the surrounding stars, but exuded an overwhelming presence. How much light had it swallowed?


At some point, all of the stars, including the black one, and the black mist surrounding those stars formed a whirlpool, gathering in a single spot. In that place, sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed, was Zion.

I'll be able to complete the first star soon.

Zion slowly opened his eyes, lifted his sweat-drenched body, and clenched his fist.

Astral Darkness. It was a distinct power that nullified everything else and could only be wielded by him exclusively throughout the world. He could have cultivated it earlier, but he was delayed by the attack that occurred when he opened his eyes in Zion Agnes' body.

Despite the fact that Astral Darkness was a power that primarily burdened the soul, it also placed a notable strain on the body as well. He had no choice but to overexert this untrained body in order to eliminate the assassins. Furthermore, his recovery was hindered by the battle with the knights who betrayed him. Of course, he had fully recovered now.

The problem is this body itself...

Astral Darkness was without a doubt the most overwhelming ability he had encountered, but the burden it imposed on both body and soul was also substantial, and

Zion Agnes' frail body was forced to bear it. It was a miracle that his body could withstand such a strong power without bursting.

It would have been easier if I had 'it'.

Zion shook his head after recalling his 'weapon' for a moment. It was pointless to desire something that didn't exist here. The only path forward was to train constantly.

Anyways, I think they are slowly taking the bait.

Zion thought as he walked towards the door after completing his training session.

Chimseong Palace was attacked just a few days ago. The attack failed, but there was no reprisal, so the mastermind undoubtedly possessed a prestigious status. Furthermore, all means of obtaining information had been eliminated by him, making matters worse.


"Your Highness Prince Zion."

Fredo's voice could be heard from outside, accompanied by a knock on the door.

"Come in."

With Zion's permission, Fredo cautiously opened the door and entered the training room. Soon after, Fredo's eyes brimmed with emotion. Zion's whole body was drenched in sweat incomparably different from his previous training schedule, which had consisted solely of walking.

Finally, Prince Zion...

Moreover, the strength he displayed during the attack on Chimseong Palace, as well as the power that severed the knight's neck with a single strike, was extraordinary. He couldn't believe it was the same person, but Fredo was delighted by the change. Only now would his lord be able to survive in this ruthless imperial city.

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