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yourmomshoe: so nick warned me abt posting this in my main so here it is on the finsta 😎
never thought i'd say this but we're back ❤️

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steveniscold: ❤️

nickychicky: good 4 u

giopher: oh so the tables have turned?

sierraskittles: congrats 🙈

jcookie.monster: this is news...

zendayaswife: poor single men 😔
thatgaywhore: *poor chris 😔
iheartgiopher: HE'S SINGLE NOW?

indiana.jones: i mean you're doing a mistake but get it ig

maddog17: chris can kiss her goodbye now but i'm happy for u love

chrispycreme: oh
giopher12: OH?

usernametwo: they're cute... but i like her and chris better

mattyb: congrats.
yourmomshoe: thanks.

usernamenine:^ u know something is wrong when matt changes mood in her comments
usernametwentyone: yeah fr he's always happy in her comments

natejacobssister: happy for u!! ❤️
giacoleman: thank u?

*load more comments*

the og fam 🤝
gia: gia 🙀
indiana: indi 🧟‍♀️
tate: tate 💞
alisson: ali 💕
nick: nick 💫
matt: bernard 👾
chris: chris 🙈💗

gia 🙀
what the actual fuck is up with you guys in my comments

chris 🙈💗

bernard 👾
what he said

indi 🧟‍♀️
yeah what chris said

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